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Online Alternative Certification

If you currently hold a bachelor's or master's degree in a noneducational subject area and would like to pursue a career as an Alternative Teacher, online Alternative Certification programs could be an excellent choice to consider.

These short-term teaching programs were designed for individuals eligible for interim teaching positions at schools seeking certified professionals to fill open positions. The Alternate Certification program can help you gain experience in the classroom while completing a degree program in the field of teaching.

The Alternative Certification program for teachers can be utilized by graduates from a wide range of degree subject areas. Institutions in different states may have a lack of applicants for their teaching positions, making it necessary to find Alternative Educators to fill these teaching spots. Many Alternative teaching programs are available in an online setting.

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Online Alternative Certifications

Example Online Programs

  • Southeaster Louisiana University – Online Alternative Certification – K-12: Bachelor’s or Master’s holders interested in transitioning in educational careers can participate in SLU’s online Alternative Certification program. This program requires that students hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.75 and provide proof of ACT scores or Praxis scores in order to qualify. This program includes a delve into teaching content, as well as a student-teaching experience that can be substituted for experience for students already working in a teaching position. Tuition is billed at a rate of $722.15 per 3 credit hours, with financial aid available for qualifying students.
  • The University of South Dakota – Online Alternative Teaching Certificate: Graduates from noneducational bachelor’s program with an offer of employment from a K-12 school can pursue Alternative Certification through USD online. This program requires learners to complete 15 credit hours in order to complete this certification program. Courses can enlighten students on classroom behavior management, learning and development, and curriculum and instruction.
  • The University of Missouri – Temporary Authorization Teaching Certificate Program: Students holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree can pursue temporary certification as a teaching professional in the state of Missouri through this University of Missouri certification program. Specialized areas in secondary or special education are currently available through this program, with programs requiring that applicants hold degrees in areas related to their subject area. Courses at this university cost around $386 per credit hour. Students can contact the financial aid office for more information on financial aid options. Courses cost $351.25 per credit hour, making this an affordable certification for incoming students. Financial aid may be available for some students.

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