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Teaching Degrees in Arizona

  • 28 teaching programs in Arizona accredited by CAEP
  • 9 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 14 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Arizona

Like all the other states, Arizona requires their teachers have at least a bachelor's degree in education and obtain certification. Arizona has several levels of certification, according to the Arizona Department of Education.

Candidates wanting to teach in Arizona must meet requirements based on the subjects and grade level to be taught. The certification process is governed by the Arizona Department of Education Certification Unit.

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Arizona Teaching Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Teaching Programs in Arizona

Arizona State University (ASU) offers several options in its Bachelor of Arts in Education program. Students can choose from early childhood and early childhood special education, special education and elementary education, education exploratory, elementary education, physical education, educational studies and secondary educations. These programs, which include internships and practical experiences, are offers at several of ASU’s campus locations.

The College of Education at Grand Canyon University (GCU) has a bachelor’s degree program that offers specializations in elementary education, early childhood education, secondary education and special education as well as Bachelor of Arts programs with concentrations in music, history, English and dance education. The University of Phoenix has bachelor degree programs in early childhood education, elementary teacher education and liberal studies.

Northern Arizona University (NAU) has a vast education college that includes four academic departments: educational leadership, educational psychology, educational specialties, and teaching and learning. The teaching and learning department offer bachelor degree programs in both early childhood education and elementary education while the educational specialties department has bachelor degree programs in career and technical education, English as a second language, bilingual endorsement, special and elementary education.

Master’s Teaching Programs in Arizona

ASU also has several options in both Master of Arts and Master of Education programs as well as several areas of specialization within these programs. Most of the graduate programs are divided between classroom and internships. Almost a dozen master degree education programs are offered at GCU, allowing students to choose from several areas of specialization.

UA-Phoenix has master degrees in elementary, secondary and special education as well as two master programs in administration and curriculum for advanced teachers. NAU offers master degree programs in early childhood education, elementary education and secondary education.

Certifications & Specializations at AZ Schools

ASU has an Alternative Pathways to Teacher Certification program for students that are teacher interns. It offers certification in elementary (1-8), secondary (6-12) or special education (k-12). ASU’s Education College also offers several undergraduate and graduate certificates. Grand Canyon University offers continuing education classes for teachers interested in re-certification or obtaining additional endorsements to their teaching license as well as individual education classes.

In addition to the bachelor and master degree programs at the University of Phoenix, students can also earn an AA degree with an emphasis on education or one of several doctoral degree programs.The undergraduate certificate in early childhood education at NAU is aimed at teachers who want to work with children birth through kindergarten.