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Math Teaching Degrees

If you have a desire to teach math to high school or college students, your first step down your career path is to earn a college degree. You'll want to find a college to attend that offers a degree program geared towards your goal of becoming a math teacher.

Once you find the college where you plan on earning your degree, you'll want to make an appointment with a counselor at the school to discuss your options. The counselor will let you know what classes that you'll need to take for your degree program.

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Steps to Licensure

A teaching career in the public school system can be optimistic and challenging, yet provides a fulfilling career. In order to become a certified teacher, one must apply for licensure in their practicing state. has all of the information that you need in order to apply for licensure.

In order to apply for a license, you must at least hold a Bachelor’s degree. Various licenses are available and depend on your degree and amount of experience. Passing state mandated exams is necessary in most cases before the license application process takes place.

When applying to become a Math teacher, applicants will have a to take a series of Math content exams as well as the Principles of Learning and Teaching exams. Each state requires its own minimum score.

After completing a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, teachers are required to have successfully passed a series of mandated state tests that are regulated through the Department of Education in each state. A Math content exam will be given in order to add an Math endorsement to a teaching license.

Once an applicant as met the minimum score requirements, they can apply online through the state licensing board of education. In order to be able to teach, applicants must pass exams related to the field of education that focus on the theories and methods in the field.

The State Department of Education requires a copy of your college degree, transcripts and your exam scores. Once all of those items have been sent in to the considering state, applicants fill out required paperwork or go online for processing.

Once prospective teachers have obtained a license and are certified, they are eligible to begin teaching in that state. In rare occasions, a school district can hire a teacher who has not completed the licensing process, yet.

If you are hired for a Math teaching job and do not have a license, you typically have to complete any courses you are lacking and pass your exams within a three year period or less.

The local school district can assist the process as well once you’ve been offered a job. Some states have the applications online. A license must be earned within 1-3 years after being hired without one or the school system will not be able to renew your contract.

If teachers want to add a certification to teach a new subject or different grade level, then an examination is required. Specific state scores have been set with minimum requirements in order to add the certification to a current, active teaching license. offers information from each state on the certification and licensing process. All information provided on comes from the Council for the Accreditation on Educator Preparation.

Education Requirements

Math teachers can major in Math as an undergraduate and then minor in Education. This programs prepares students to successfully pass the exams they need to apply for a state teaching license.

The Math courses that students study for their major in college prepares them to take the Math content exams necessary in order to apply for a license in the state in which they plan to teach. The Education courses also prepare students to successfully pass the education exams needed for a teaching license.

Some students choose to do the opposite. Students have the option at some colleges to major in Secondary Education and minor in Math. Either course offers students enough classes in each subject to pass their state regulated exams for a teaching license.

Most teachers pursue a master’s degree, and some states now require one now before hiring. A master’s degree in Math would enhance any teachers knowledge base in the field of Math. S

A master’s degree in Math would ensure success on the state mandated tests that are required before applying for license. Some teachers start their careers as Math teachers and then go back later and begin a master’s degree.

There are several colleges out there that offer a master’s degree in Math online. Completing a master’s degree in Math online gives teachers the convenience of working on their education while still teaching full-time.

Types of Math Teaching Degrees

If you are interested in a career as an Math teacher, has the information you need to get started. Math teachers are needed in most school districts.

A lot of Math teachers want to work with Middle School students. There are options to earn a degree in Elementary Education with a focus on grades 4-8. In this case, you could minor in Math, so that you complete college with enough hours to teach that subject to middle school students.

Likewise, some Math teachers like working with older adolescents in high school in grades 9-12. If this interests you, you can major in Math and minor in Secondary Education. This ensures that you can apply for a teaching license in both the subject of Math and to teach grades 9-12 on a high school level.

Professionals who find a passion in Math might be interested in teaching on a community college level. Several colleges offer online master’s degrees in Math. Or if a teacher has a master’s degree in Education with at least 18 hours of graduate Math courses, they are qualified to teach on a community college level.

Earning an Math degree and properly passing state exams to receive licensure typically qualifies educators to teach Math grades 7-12.

What type of college degree do I need to become a math teacher?

To teach math to students in middle school, junior high school, high school, or college, you’ll need the minimum of a bachelor’s degree. You can expect your degree program to include education along with a concentration in math teaching. If you know what grade you would like to teach before entering college, let your college adviser know before selecting classes that way your classes can be custom tailored to meet the needs of your career goals.
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Depending on whether you’re teaching in a private school or public school, you’ll need to get certified to teach by your state. Generally, to teach students in the public school system, you’ll need to get certified. After graduation, to become certified you’ll need to take a series of tests. Certification rules and regulations vary per state, so check with your state regarding certification matters.
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Are there any special skills that I should have to become a math teacher?

To become an effective math teacher, you should express a deep understanding of every aspect of math. And, you’ll want to have a lot of patience. Knowing how to communicate with teenagers and young adults is another key skill to grasp and hone before embarking down this career path. Kids can be complex at times and that’s why teachers need to have a broad range of skills to meet the needs of the different personalities that will enter their classrooms in the future. You’ll need the ability to pique the interest of kids and young adults, capturing their attention while leading and teaching.