Campus and Online Teaching Degrees in Texas

Texas Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in Texas

Several online learning options are available at the University of Houston. A curriculum & instruction online master degree program offers concentrations in health science education, mathematics education, and early childhood education. UH also offers online programs in mathematics, higher education and special education.

The University of Texas at Tyler offers an online post-baccalaureate teacher certification program. Texas Woman’s University also offers several online teacher certification programs.

Teacher Certification & Specializations

Texas State University has certification programs in 27 areas, including biology, chemistry, English, communication studies, history, interdisciplinary studies, mathematics, and geography, among others. Certification programs in natural sciences, fine arts and liberal arts are offered at the University of Texas at Austin. The natural sciences certification is for students that want to teach STEM subjects like chemistry, computer science, math or physical science to students at all grade levels.

The fine arts and liberal arts programs certify teachers to work with all grade levels in areas of dance, music or teaching different languages. UT-Austin also offers a post-baccalaureate certification program for bachelor degree holders who want to be certified as teachers. They also offer middle school and high school certifications in subjects like mathematics, composite science, physical science and life science.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Texas

Most students pursuing initial licensure as teachers choose bachelor degree programs in areas like elementary education, middle school education, secondary education, special education or early childhood education. These are the most popular teaching majors, and all or most of these majors are offered at Texas State University, University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at Tyler.

TSU offers bachelor degree programs that major in interdisciplinary studies and prepare students to teach early childhood through grade 6, grades 4-8 or all levels of special education. They also offer majors in exercise and sports science; athletic training; and health and wellness promotion. UT-Austin offers bachelor degree programs in all-level special education and early childhood education with majors in 6th generalist and 6th grade bilingual generalist.

Students at UT-Austin may also get internship or apprenticeship opportunities in area schools. The University of Houston offers undergraduate programs in teaching and learning; human development and family studies; and health. The human development and family studies major offers a concentration in education.

Master’s in Education Degrees in Texas

Texas State University offers master degree programs in developmental education; educational technology; elementary education; reading education; secondary education; special education. TSU also offers a M.Ed. in certification and masters of education for elementary school certification and a M.Ed. in teacher recruitment program for elementary and secondary education certification.

The College of Education at UT-Austin consists of four departments: curriculum & instruction; educational psychology; educational administration; and kinesiology and health education. Within these departments students will find master degree programs in areas like principalship; educational policy and planning; behavior health & health education; sports management; early childhood special education; and mild/moderate disabilities and diversity.

The University of Houston offers master degrees in counseling and in curriculum & instruction. The curriculum & instruction major at UH offers concentrations in art education; early childhood education; learning, design and technology; reading, language arts and literature; mathematics education; science education and social education.