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Online Schools with Multiple Degrees in Education Specialist

Grand Canyon University– The University’s Education Specialist in Teaching and Learning program is a postgraduate degree that allows K-12 educators to gain the knowledge and skills needed for developing education communities and improving student outcomes. This is an accelerated, fully online EdS degree offered by the GSU College of Doctoral Studies. It emphasizes models and theories of teaching in a variety of educational environments from high school to elementary.

What you should look for in any educational specialist program

Learners examine education politics and the intervention government entities facilitate. They study theories of pedagogy and professional learning communities. Students explore ways to develop and train teams that they are preparing to support and lead. They learn to excel in teaching by the study of industry trends, implementation of effective new teaching strategies based on research, and the application of findings that foster greater success in the classroom. GCU is a private, Christian university. Faith is integrated into each program.

Education specialist degree program courses for learning and teaching are value-based curriculum that address ethical decision-making and socially responsible practices within education.

A few universities with online Educational Specialist programs

Liberty University is also a Christian based school offering an online Education Specialist program. It is intended for those who wish to gain advanced expertise and training but are not ready to pursue a doctorate. The program design develops education research and teaching skills to further a candidate’s career and help prepare the next generation of world-shaping adults. The program is taught by experienced field of education professionals who support students academically and spiritually. Each component integrates a biblical worldview.

Georgia Southern University offers Education Specialist degrees in Elementary Education, Middle Grades Education, and Secondary Education. The online programs meet the demands of teachers in these grade levels as they pursue preparation for a degree beyond a Master’s. Through the examination of instruction and curriculum research and issues, the programs allow students to explore teacher leadership opportunities, collaborate with others, and develop leadership skills. They apply and extend pedagogical skills and content knowledge. Students continue to build technology skills used to assess and impact students.

What Can You Do with an Educational Specialist Degree?

Educational specialists work with guidance counselors, school administrators, and teachers to develop curricula and assessments. They may also evaluate teachers to determine if particular teaching methods are effective. Educational specialists recommend additional or new strategies to use. They help with the implementation of learning standards and provide school staff professional development. Career opportunities depend on the emphasis of the EdS program and one’s background. Work is available in school districts as

  • Principal
  • Counselor
  • Curriculum Director
  • School Superintendent
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Postsecondary Teacher
  • Educational Technology Specialist
  • Special Education Specialist

A note about teaching licensure

The profession of interest may require a state license or assessment examination. Licensure varies from state to state. The degree is worth the time and effort for those who aspire to further their education beyond a Master’s degree to help solve real-world problems in their field of expertise and prepares them for leadership roles or carving new career paths.

Top Teaching Organizations to Know for Education

The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development empowers educators to achieve leading, teaching and learning so every child is challenged, supported, engaged, safe, and healthy. The ASCD is made up of over 113,000 members. They include advocates, teachers, principals, and superintendents from over 129 countries. There are 71 affiliate organizations. The nonpartisan, diverse membership is the organization’s greatest strength. It projects a unified, powerful voice to decision-makers around the globe.

The National Association of School Psychologists is a professional association that represents over 25,000 graduate students, school psychologists, and related professionals throughout the U.S. and 25 other countries. It is the largest organization for school psychologists in the world. NASP works to improve student mental health, behavior and learning by the advancement of effective practices. The vision is for children and youth to thrive at home, in school, and throughout life.