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School Level Program Admissions

University of West Florida

Master Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction
CAEP Accredited. Programs in Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Education. Gives classroom teachers a specialized education for their student age group and career goals.

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Online Secondary Education degree programs can be excellent resources for upcoming educators interested in influencing young adults through strategic teaching. This program can provide learners with generalized curriculum development skills, specific subject specialization, and knowledge of teaching policy throughout the program. Students enrolled in this program can gain expertise that can lead to careers as teachers for 6-12 grade students.

The Online Secondary Education program is a degree option for future teachers of middle and high school students. This program includes concepts related to general classroom management, development techniques for curricula, and inclusion in the general classroom.

While you move through this program, you may have the option to pursue a specialization with your degree, which can provide you with a foundation for teaching specific subjects during your career experience. Some common specializations include Special Education, English, Mathematics, History, and Science.

The goal of this program is to provide you with the skills you need to develop a learning environment suitable for success in your students, as well as to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to support different learning styles.

Teaching students at the secondary education level may also learn more about supporting children as they transition into adulthood, cultural considerations for secondary instructors, and the implementation of educational assessments during lesson planning. Each of these topics can help to create a portfolio for getting the jobs you desire.

While the Online Secondary Education program can look different depending on the university, you can expect each program to follow certain licensure protocols for their accreditation status. As you search for open and available program, be sure to verify that your chosen program holds the right type of accreditation for your future licensing.

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Consider an online teaching program currently accepting applicants for 2023.

School Level Program Admissions

University of Southern California

Master Master of Arts in Teaching Online
Earn Your MAT Online From USC Rossier in 12 Months. No GRE scores required.

University of West Alabama

All Levels Online Bachelor's, Masters, Doctorate, Education Specialist and Alternative Class A Programs
Choose from more than 40 certification and non-certification education programs that can enhance your career as an educator inside or outside the classroom.

The University of Texas Permian Basin

Master MA in Special Education
CAEP-accredited, Complete in as little as 12 months, six start dates a year, cost-effective tuition.

Baylor University

Doctor Doctor of Education (EdD)
An EdD delivered online from a renowned Texas-based institution. No GRE scores required.

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Benefits of Studying Online

Pursuing your Secondary Education degree in the online setting can be an unfamiliar experience for students that have previously learned through in-person experiences. The online environment for learning is a relatively new development in higher education that is slowly gaining more and more popularity as the years progress.

Benefits associated with studying online can best be described in terms of convenience and flexibility, since most options require little to no in-person attendance throughout their duration. This is the leading factor that draws new students into these programs from year-to-year.

Online programs can also provide students with easy access to teacher support. In traditional learning programs, students may be required to schedule appointments with their teachers during their office hours, while online students can send a quick email to their instructor when they are in need of assistance.

When you choose to pursue your degree in the online setting, you can also choose from thousands of different programs all over the country. This can lift the confines of choosing a local university that may not have the program that you are looking for.

In addition to having more options for your program, online programs can also allow you the freedom to learn from anywhere you choose. If you travel regularly in your career, you do not have to put off pursue higher education since online learning can be accomplished from your home, hotel rooms, or even restaurants with an internet connection.

There are numerous benefits associated with enrollment in Online Secondary Education programs. If you are on the hunt for a convenient degree program that can provide you with a high quality education, online programs can be your best option.

Online Degree Requirements

Before you even enroll in an Online Secondary Education degree program, you should be aware of what is required of you from start to finish. At the admissions stage, your school may request that you provide documentation from any previous educational experiences, proof of licensure, and test scores from the Praxis or GRE - if applicable.

These documents can serve as a tool for solidifying your admissions, or simply act as a placement measure for any prerequisite requirements. Once you have completed the admissions process, you can move forward into you degree progression.

In Online Secondary Education degree programs, the majority of your learning experience can be conducted through the online classroom. During your classes you may be expected to participate in weekly online discussions and submit your homework through virtual drop boxes.

Participation is generally calculated by how frequently you log in and post responses to discussions, as well as whether or not you have turned in assignments online. Communication is also conducted completed through the online classroom.

Since education degree programs can lead to licensure, students in these programs may be required to engage in a student teaching experience during the last year of their degree program. This requires students to locate a school for their placement and conduct observations of licensed teachers during their daily duties.

While in this in-person experience, student teachers can learn how to implement a curriculum, instruct the class, and manage behaviors through unique behavior management tools. As you transition from your degree program to field work, you can gain more insight into how the curriculum transforms into real-world work.

Online degree programs can be a great way to progress to higher tier careers without the added hassle of managing a busy schedule or quitting a full-time job. If you would like to begin your search for online programs in this field, check out a few example programs in the section below.

Example Online Programs

  • Saint Joseph’s University – Online Master’s in Secondary Education: Students seeking graduate-level programs to exercise their skills in education can look to SJU for their program. This 36-hour program can provide learners with higher knowledge in advanced teaching concepts for students in grades 7-12. This program can take around 2 years to complete and is billed at a rate of $1,075 per credit hour. SJU requires that students apply for financial aid yearly to continue qualifying.
  • Kennesaw State University – Online Master of Education in Secondary Education: KSU currently provides an online master’s option for students interested in becoming successful secondary instructors. This program has a tuition rate of $383 per credit hour, which is lower in comparison to many current online options available. Students can complete this program in around 2 years at full time enrollment. Financial assistance may be available through application at the financial aid office.
  • The University of Alabama – Online Master of Arts in Secondary Education English: If you are interested in becoming an English teacher at the secondary education level, the University of Alabama may have the right program for you. This 30 credit hour program is billed at a rate of $420 per credit hour and can help you reach your goal of master’s licensure in the field of education. Most students enrolled in this program can complete it within 2 years of admissions.

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