Hundreds of Online Educational Admin Degrees

Online Educational Administration Degrees

Example Online Programs

  • Grand Canyon University – Online Master of Education in Educational Administration: GCU current offers students an opportunity to pursue their online Master of Education in Educational Administration through their university. This 36 credit hour program contains topics relevant to leadership in the field, as well as components related to effective communication and student success. Tuition rates for this university are billed at $395 per credit hour. Financial aid resources may be available to qualifying students.
  • Lamar University – Online Master of Education in Administration: If you are interested in pursuing an administrative degree in the field of education, Lamar University may have exactly what you are looking for. The total costs of this incredible program are $8,250, making it a potentially affordable choice for your pursuits. Students may be required to complete 30 credit hours total for this program, which can be completed in 2 years or less at full-time enrollment. Students can contact Lamar’s financial aid office for more information pertaining to financial aid benefits.
  • Southern Arkansas University – Online Master of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision: SAU provides students with the option to strengthen their skills in educational administration and supervision through an innovative and online master’s program. Students in this program can complete 30 credit hours during their degree experience, which costs a total of $9,960 for in-state students. This university also offers financial aid resources for upcoming students to explore prior to enrollment.