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Teaching Degrees in North Carolina

  • 12 teaching programs in North Carolina accredited by CAEP
  • 2 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 7 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in North Carolina

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that there are more than 100 teaching schools in North Carolina. In addition to the many colleges available to students, there are almost an equal number of academic programs, whether you're looking for initial certification, additional certification or just a few online courses to keep up with technology.

Below is an overview of some options available to North Carolina students or students hoping to study in North Carolina.

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North Carolina Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in NC

Examples of the online teaching programs at East Carolina University include master degrees in elementary education, adult education, instructional technology and special education. ECU offers both online and hybrid programs. North Carolina State University offers an ESL online program for licensed teachers and a one-year online alternative teacher education licensure program The M.A.T. program at NCSU is not an online program but it does include online courses.

Appalachian State University offers online programs in career and technical education, child development and communication studies. An online master degree program in educational leadership is also offered at Queens University of Charlotte. The University of North Carolina has many education programs offered through distance learning from pre-education online courses and bachelor degrees to the many master degree teaching programs.

Teaching Specializations

East Carolina University offers both initial and add-on certification programs in areas like principal licensure, supervision licensure, academically gifted, computer-based instruction, special education and adult education. Queens University of Charlotte has certification programs in Spanish or French, elementary education and secondary education in the areas of history, mathematics, biology, social studies, chemistry and English.

North Carolina Central University has licensure and certification programs in areas like elementary education, middle school education, secondary education, birth-kindergarten education and special areas such as physical education, special education, music education and theater arts education. Various licensure and certification programs are offered at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in North Carolina

East Carolina University and North Carolina State University both offer a wide selection of baccalaureate teaching programs, including bachelor degree programs in elementary school education, middle school education, secondary education, special education, science education and mathematics education. These programs include student teaching and internships as part of the curriculum in addition to the classroom coursework.

Appalachian State University offers bachelor degree programs in career and technical education, elementary education, middle school education and teacher education. The middle school major offers concentrations in mathematics and science. Some of the elementary education baccalaureate programs are offered on a part-time basis. Bachelor degree teaching programs can also be found at Piedmont International University and University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Master’s in Education Degrees in North Carolina

East Carolina University offers master degree programs in special education, instructional technology, reading education, English education, elementary education and middle school education to name just a few. These programs are typically aimed at students that already hold a teaching license and are looking for additional certifications.

Master degree programs in elementary education, curriculum development and supervision, special education, science education and mathematics education are offered at North Carolina State University. Upon completion of these programs, teachers will be licensed to teach specific subjects to certain grade level students.

Piedmont International University offers a 36-credit Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction program. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte offers a large selection of master degree teaching programs. They also offer graduate certificate programs with various areas of study available.