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Thank you for visiting TeachingDegrees.com. TeachingDegrees.com (formerly TeacherDegrees.com) has been around for over a decade, providing a valuable resource for prospective teachers to figure out which degree or career might be best for them. In 2019, we relaunched the website, updated with accurate school listings and content written by college professors and former teachers with either their M.Ed. in Education or Ed.D. in Education.

About TeachingDegrees.com

Our Goals
We pride ourselves on researching accredited educational institutions and programs across the entire United States. Our goal is to make all programs accessible to all of our website visitors, and to keep the most up to date information on teaching colleges and universities. We aim to provide accurate and helpful narrative content, helping students figure out what degree in teaching might be best for them.

Our Data
Our database of over 500 universities and 2,000+ teaching education programs is among the largest on the web, and it is 100% hand-gathered. Meaning, our team scours the web to record specific data points, which we display throughout the website. It is a lot of work, but we have found that it makes our website stand alone as the premium resource for anyone looking to get into teaching.

Some of our data resources include:

Our Beliefs
We believe the value of an excellent teacher is completely understated. Teachers shape and mold everyone to become a contributor to society and a better person overall.

The great teachers truly bring out the best in others, and believe in everyone. We want to make our site the most accessible website for prospective teachers to find a degree they are passionate about at universities across the nation, and that will never change. We will constantly search the web, do our research, write informative, clear, and concise content on subject matter that teachers are interested in, and make our website easy to use.