Teaching Degrees in K-12 Education

Majors and Specialties of K-12 Education

The middle education major also offers areas of specialization like mathematics, science, social studies, English and reading. Although areas of specialization may also be taken with the elementary education major, they are more common in middle and secondary education programs. Students are generally required to take concentrations at this grade level.

The bachelor degree in secondary education prepares students for licensure as high school teachers. Some programs offer areas of concentration like art, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and English, among others. Students in this program take pedagogy and liberal arts courses as well as courses related to their areas of specialization. The student also completes a student teaching experience in a high school classroom. In addition to being eligible for initial licensure as a K-12 teacher, each of these programs allow students to earn certifications in specific subject areas.

Doctorate Degrees in K-12 Education

Students who want the highest level of education can complete a K-12 education doctoral degree program. Individuals who pursue doctoral degrees usually want careers in management or administration rather than teaching. An example of a K-12 doctoral program can be found here. This Doctor of Education in K-12 Educational Leadership offers concentrations in school system leadership, pupil personnel services or instructional technology. Doctoral degree programs are often offered online or on a part-time basis to allow students to earn the degree while continuing to work and/or teach. Students in this program complete course work and dissertations. Research is also a large part of doctorate programs.

Online Degrees in K-12 Education

Various K-12 education programs are offered online. Because student teaching is such an important part of an initial licensure program, online programs are more often offered at the master degree level than the undergraduate level. However, there are online bachelor degree programs in K-12 education such as the one offered at Liberty University.

K-12 Teacher Education Careers

Graduates of K-12 education programs may have many employment opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that elementary, middle school and kindergarten teachers overall can expect an employment growth of twelve percent between 2012 and 2022, with the best opportunities in urban and rural areas.

As of May 2014, elementary school teachers earned average annual wages of $54,120 while secondary education teachers earned $56,310 and middle school teachers earned $54,940. Factors that can affect earnings are geographic location and number of certifications.