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Consider an online teaching program currently accepting applicants for 2022.

School Level Program Admissions

Campbellsville University

Master MA in TESOL
Make a difference in the lives of non-native English-speaking students in the United States and internationally with our online TESOL master’s program.

Notre Dame of Maryland

Certificate TESOL Post Master's Certificate

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If you are interested in working with children with difference cultures and backgrounds, then you might want to consider a degree in Multilingual Education. Every school system across the country is experience an increase in multilingual students and the need for more teachers in this area is rising.

For those of you who love working with children and youth and like to inform and education, a Teaching career in Multilingual Education could be for you. Teaching children who struggle with a new language offers a lifelong rewarding career while working with children.

Obtain a Master's of Arts in Teaching

College teaching degrees are more accessible than ever with online programs. If you are working full-time or have children at home that makes it difficult for you to attend a traditional campus, then an online program will allow you to pursue your dream job of becoming a teacher.

To qualify to teach in most schools, teachers must be certified and licensed. offers information from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation site. A teaching certificate ensures that you are licensed in your practicing state.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor's degree, you can sign up to take the exams required by your state. Adding an endorsement to your teaching degree for Multilingual Education or starting a Masters program is available for all certified teachers.

Once you have finished a Bachelor's degree, most school systems prefer for teachers to obtain a Master's degree. A Master's in Multilingual Teacher Education can be completed online while you are fulfilling your duties as a teacher.

Whether obtaining a certificate to add to your degree or pursuing a Master's, online classes allow teachers who work full time to focus on their graduate coursework in the evenings or on weekends.

Teaching Multilingual Education is a growing field. Teachers are needed at schools in every state. If you enjoy working with children and youth and helping others reach their full potential, a career in the field of Multilingual Education might be for you.

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Consider an online teaching program currently accepting applicants for 2022.

School Level Program Admissions

University of Southern California

Master Master of Arts in Teaching Online
Earn Your MAT Online From USC Rossier in 12 Months. No GRE scores required.

The University of Texas Permian Basin

Master MA in Special Education
CAEP-accredited, Complete in as little as 12 months, six start dates a year, cost-effective tuition.

University of Dayton

Master Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership
Top-ranked online education program. Degree can be completed in as few as two years (additional time if pursuing the principal licensure track). No GRE required to apply.

Baylor University

Doctor Doctor of Education (EdD)
An EdD delivered online from a renowned Texas-based institution. No GRE scores required.

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Types of Teaching Degrees

When most students consider teaching, they think of teaching in a typical classroom setting in grades K-12. However, there are numerous options for potential educators to consider when choosing a college program.

Multilingual Education is a much needed area in schools across the nation. School districts are constantly seeking teachers certified to teach Multilingual Education. Multilingual Education requires specific coursework and a degree focused on Multilingual Education courses.

The online college degree programs for teachers who want to go into the field of Multilingual Education will prepare future teachers to understand how to relay languages, teach in unique ways to students who have challenges in the conventional classroom setting, and prepare them for different styles of communication.

After graduating from an accredited college with a degree in Multilingual Education, specific exams are required by the state that must be passed before obtaining a license in that state.

This is a specialty area that most school systems have a shortage. Multilingual Education is a rewarding job. In this role, professionals work in the school systems with children that have specific needs.

Multilingual Education is a field that can span across difference grades and different schools. A career in Multilingual Education can be obtained by any licensed teacher by completing a certificate of endorsement. Professionals in this field are also required to pass the state exams before becoming certified in their state.

Becoming a Multilingual Educator comes with the opportunity to work with students on all grade levels. Multilingual teachers can work in Pre-schools, Elementary schools, Middle schools or High schools.

Types of Teaching Careers

Being a Multilingual teacher is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Teaching licenses and certifications are regulated through the state. Each state has different requirements and regulations when it comes to applying for a teaching license.

In order to teach Multilingual education, prospective teachers need to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education or Elementary Education. After completing a Bachelor’s degree, students can apply to a graduate program where they can complete a Master’s of Art in Teaching online and focus on Multilingual Education.

For future educators that want to work with students from difference backgrounds and diverse cultures, a job teaching Multilingual education is for you. Start with a focus on a degree majoring in the Multilingual Education, then sit for the state regulated exams, then apply for licensing in your state.

The local school district can assist the process as well once you’ve been offered a job. Some states have the applications online.

Once a potential teacher has graduated, he/she should send their transcripts to the state’s licensing board. The state licensing board should also receive a copy of your test results. Once they have both of these in their office, prospective teachers can apply for a teaching license or certification.

If teachers want to add a certification to teach a new subject or different grade level, then an examination is required. Specific state scores have been set with minimum requirements in order to add the certification to a current, active teaching license. offers information from each state on the certification and licensing process. All information provided on comes from the Council for the Accreditation on Educator Preparation.