Master's of Education by Grade Level

Grade Level Degrees

Types of Teaching Degrees

A Master’s of Education can be sought to focus on a specific area outside the traditional classroom, or just to add to a teacher’s knowledge base on instruction and teaching methods.

New teachers entering in the field of education, or for existing classroom teachers who want to further their education, a Master’s of Education is for you. With several colleges offering this degree online, it is a flexible way for existing educators to enhance their careers.

If a teacher becomes interested in advancing to another specific type of role in the school system, then earning a Master’s of Education could help that happen.

The focus within the program on Administration, Guidance and Counseling, or Special Education could make a promotion to Principal or Assistant Principal possible, or a lateral move to a specific job role outside the classroom.

Another area of specialty is a college instructor. If you are interested in teaching 100 or 200 level education courses on a college level, then a Master’s of Education would qualify you for that position. Teaching at a community college offers a flexible schedule and the chance to work with students who are in college and eager to learn.

One exciting way to better your methods of teaching children is to become a graduate student of Education. A Master’s of Education with a concentration in a special area of Education would prepare prospective educators to work in a more specific setting.

Types of Teaching Careers

A variety of teaching jobs are available within a school district including Elementary Teachers, High School Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Music Teachers, etc. has information on various types of teaching jobs.

Teachers are needed for all ages, grades and subjects. Educators are sought for preschool age all the way through college in all fifty states.

If you like working with smaller children, then a career as an Early Childhood Educator might be for you. There are two types of degrees to choose from if you want to work in a grade school setting.

Early Elementary Education will prepare prospective teachers to work with grades Pre-K through third grade. And, if you want to extend the options to higher grades, a degree in Elementary Education will qualify you to teach Kindergarten through sixth grade.

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required to teach, but a master’s of Education will open options for other concentrations in the field of education. If teaching older kids is something you feel you would be talented doing, then a degree in Secondary Education will assist you when trying to get a job teaching Middle School or High School.

A master’s of Education with hours in your focus subject would ensure your qualifications for licensure to teach older adolescents.

Some teachers enjoy teaching occupational or vocational classes such as Carpentry, Computer Applications, or Emergency Medical Services. In this case, teachers in the work field who have experience in an occupational career, bring real life knowledge to the classroom to prepare high school students for a technical career after high school.

Other types of teaching careers include Special Education and Gifted Education. If you feel ready for a challenge working with children with exceptional needs, this would be a good career for you. Special and Gifted Education teachers write Individual Education Plans that are incorporated in the classroom to assist students who have special learning needs.