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Earn your Doctor of Education (EdD) in Higher Education Leadership online from Maryville University in as few as 32 months. Prepare to impact higher education on a sweeping scale.

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Education doctoral degrees are for those that wish to not only work in education, but improve the system itself. While a Bachelor of Education degree may set you up for a regular teaching job, and a Master's in Education or MAT can help you advanced your career, a Doctorate provides a high level overview of education, and gives you the opportunity to impact the system on a much larger scale.

Of course, with this opportunity, higher standards are also in effect. Some Doctoral degree holders utilize their terminal teaching education degree as college professors, or focused on teaching research.

The Doctorate in Education is an all-inclusive degree program designed to help students masters curriculum design, program implementation, and educational leadership in their field.

Through learning in this program, you can gain skills related to changing and improving current educational programs, as well as those related to educational research. If you are like many other educators that are seeking higher tier degree programs for better career opportunities, the Doctorate in Education could be the right choice for you.

Overview of the Doctor of Education

Students enrolled in Doctorate in Education degree programs can begin by choosing a specialization that can best encompass their focus as educational leaders. Since education spans across a wide range of different age groups, you may find concentration options that apply within these different learning areas.

Some of the most common degree specializations available for the Doctorate in Education include Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Higher Education Leadership, Adult Learning, and Educational Administration. Each of these options can provide you with deeper insight into each realm of education and the skills required to be a leader in each.

Most learners that are enrolled in the Doctorate in Education degree program have some background or history in teaching or education. This foundation of knowledge can assist learners with developing new leadership skills or practical skills relevant to working with particular educational groups.

The Doctorate in Education program was designed to follow the Master's in Education or Teaching, making it a 2-3 year program for those involved. This program can also be found in traditional and online institutions.

If you are seeking out an online Doctorate in Education to apply to, read more about the requirements of this degree program in the sections below. Our team of educational experts has reviewed the requirements of some common online programs in order to provide you with accurate and up to date information on this process.

Consider a sponsored online teaching program currently accepting applicants for 2024.

School Program Admissions
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Requirements for a Doctorate in Education

If you were to search for an online Doctorate in Education program today, you might find that most require you to hold at least a master's degree prior to applying. While the degree field may vary from school to school, most require that you hold a Master's in Teaching or Education to be considered.

In addition to the degree requirements, you may also need to provide proof of performance during your collegiate years to be considered for acceptance into some programs. Each college has its own expectations in terms of GPA, but a 3.0 is the minimum requirement for a large majority of schools with this program.

Students applying to this degree program are often current educational professionals seeking to find new and better career opportunities as a result of their higher degree. Since this is the most served population in this degree area, some programs also require that applicants have a minimum of 2-3 years of educational experience at varying levels of the education system.

Meeting these requirements can help you potentially qualify for open and online programs in this field. Once you are in the program, you may also be expected to meet other requirements on your path to graduation.

One of the most well-known requirements of online doctorate programs is the residency expectations of different programs. One benefit to choosing the online Doctorate in Education is that there are programs available that can allow you to participate in your residency requirements through virtual means.

Some programs may also require that you complete a dissertation as part of your graduation requirements. The dissertation process usually spans several semesters and include independent research and the application of educational skills learned throughout your program.

Example coursework in a Doctor of Education program

When you are considering a higher degree program in your field, you may focus on what this degree can provide you in terms of career or earnings. Before you jump into doctorate programs in your field, you should review the program’s curriculum in order to make sure that what you are learning is aligned with your career goals.

Different specializations for this degree program can provide you with changing curricula that focus on each individual concentration area. A review of the specialized course work can help you find the program that best suits the career you are seeking.

The general core of courses in the Doctorate in Education program can provide you with skills that can be applied in nearly every educational setting. A popular course found within this program is Leadership and Communication.

As an educational leader, you should have the skills to effectively communication with your staff, explain new policies, and provide feedback to your employees. This course can also outline different forms of leadership and what has been proven effective in the field of education.

Another course that can be beneficial to educators is Diversity in Education. Diversity is applicable in every aspect of learning and can provide students with open-mindedness during their career.

This course can also encourage students to explore different cultures, values, and educational expectations of different groups, in order to better reach students from all backgrounds throughout their career. Students in this course can also explore concepts related to diverse workplaces and unique employee considerations.

Moving through your program, you may also take courses related to Curriculum Design, Team Collaboration, and Educational Research in order to sharpen your skills within these different areas. The combination of this course work can help you to become a more knowledgeable and versatile educational professional.

How might a Doctor of Education help one’s career?

Students that are enrolling in online Doctorate in Education degree programs from the master’s level may find that this degree can open up doors in higher tier careers within their field. Most enrollees in this program may be currently educators looking to pursue leadership positions or those in specialty fields.

If you are a teacher that completes the online Doctorate in Education, you could possible seek out careers as an Education Specialist, Principal, or even Educational Administrator. Some graduates in this field can pair their degree with their experience and apply that knowledge in the field of educational research.

One of the benefits of pursuing the Ed.D. is that it can also lead to careers outside of the field of education. As a Doctor in Education, you could become the lead Training Administration for large corporations or even the Director of Employee Training for human service agencies.

Advanced training in the field of education can also help you land careers at the government level, since these agencies also review and approve certain aspects of the educational system. Your degree partnered with your knowledge of the field can make you a valuable asset to government agencies focused on high quality educational programs.

What is it like to get a Doctor of Education online?

Many students considering the Doctorate in Education are seeking out programs that are offered in the online environment. This method of degree acquisition can be beneficial for upcoming students that are still employed full-time and needing a convenient method for advancing their degree.

If you choose to participate in online versions of this program, you can access your courses through your school’s e-learning website. Most courses require that you log in to your classes 2-3 times per week, during which you can complete the discussions and assignments listed for that week.

Submitting your assignments in the online setting can be as easy as uploading a document in the online course room. Courses in the virtual learning environment can also provide you access to internet resources about your material, as well as instructional videos and virtual lectures.

One of the most interesting aspects of online education is that students can utilize e-books for each course rather than purchase expensive text books through the school’s bookstore. E-books are often offered at a lower price than the standard text books, making it a great money-saving opportunity to enrolled students.

Online Doctorate in Education programs can provide students with the same benefits as traditional programs, without the additional planning or loss of income including in the traditional environment. If you are seeking flexibility with your higher education, online programs may be the right choice for you.

Example Doctor of Education online programs

If you are pursuing Ed.D. programs for enrollment, you can find what you are looking for at popular universities all over the country. The online Doctorate of Education can be found in many different specialized areas, some providing opportunities for individuals seeking to apply their educational skills in areas other than schools and universities.

Vanderbilt University currently offers a completely online Ed.D. degree program for mid-career professionals looking to advance their credentials. This program takes 3-4 years to complete for most learners and provides educational elements directly and indirectly related to teaching in the educational setting.

Vanderbilt’s online program can provide students with skills relevant to applying their educational skills in the business learning environment, as well as within corporations needing training experts for continuous learning.

Maryville University is another provider of online Ed.D. programs for your consideration. Maryville’s program offers students the opportunity to complete their doctorate program 100% online in as little as 32 months.

A unique aspect of this program is that students can participate in their residency requirement on-campus or through virtual means. This can give students from all over the country the change to advance their degree program without having to plan for on-campus experience components or long-term residencies.

Why should I get an education doctoral degree?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a doctorate in education have access to more opportunities than those with lesser degrees. Not only are the opportunities more in quantity, but they’re better in quality, generally offering better pay and more chances for career advancement. In addition, an education doctoral degree is mandatory for some teaching jobs, particularly those at the post-secondary level.

While earning your degree, you’ll study educational policies, leadership, international education, and a variety of other issues facing education and educators. This knowledge will provide you with a better understanding of how the educational system works as a whole, and what you can do to improve things on a larger scale.

How do I get a doctoral degree in education?

Obtaining a doctoral degree is never easy. The hours are demanding, as is the sheer quantity of work. You’ll take on an expansive course list, and you’ll be expected to research a variety of educational issues. Typically, later on in your education, you’ll be expected to take on a major project which involves researching a specific issue facing the education system and providing a viable solution to that problem. You will need to use everything you’ve learned in order to complete this project, as it will combine all of the concepts and theories you’ve been taught throughout the doctoral program.

What kind of career can I have with an education doctoral degree?

Once you’ve earned your doctoral degree, you will have several career choices available. You can work in either K-12 education or post-secondary, not only as a teacher, but on major boards which decide educational policy. Consulting firms, government agencies, and research organizations also look favorably on those with an education doctoral degree.