Coaching Degrees

Behind every good athlete, you're probably going to find an equally good coach who has devoted his or her time towards helping the athlete perform to the best of his or her ability.

Coaches work with and teach both amateur and professional athletes how to perform to the best of their abilities. Coaches also determine and assess the athlete's strengths and weaknesses wile teaching the athlete the best way to improve weak areas. They also act as mentors and may assist with scouting for the athlete and assisting them with obtaining sporting scholarships and finding suitable colleges. The increasing number of high school and college sports and participants continues to put coaches and scouts in demand.

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Coaching Certification Requirements

Upon graduation but prior to actually working as a coach, you may have to be licensed or certified. A lot will depend on where you wish to work. Some schools have regular licensed teachers acting as coaches. Often a student pursuing an education may choose a concentration or minor in physical education. Other schools may hire coaches that have coaching-related degrees.

Certification is usually required by state high school athletic associations so if you’re planning on coaching at a public high school, expect to be certified at some level. Some high schools also require their coaches be CPR-certified and attend classes on coaching fundamentals and sport safety prior to obtaining certification. As far as certification for college coaches, this varies from school to school.