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Online Early Childhood Education Degrees

An online degree in Early Childhood Education can be your gateway to learning about instructional techniques for children from birth until third grade. Within this program, you can gain skills relevant to administering social skills training, basic academic skills, and methods for personal growth. What you learn during this program can contribute to your pursuits of careers in early educational programs such as head start, pre-kindergarten, or other daycare positions.

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Early Childhood Education Online

Online Degree Requirements

The level of online degree that you plan to enroll in for your Early Childhood Education degree may have varying requirements from those at different degree levels.

Associate’s Degree

The most basic degree program that you can pursue in this field is the online Associate’s in Early Childhood Education. This degree program can take around 2 years to complete from start to finish, consisting of introductory concepts and teaching methods for learners at this level. Your program can also require you to participate in learning activities surrounding educational development in young children, social learning activities, and age-appropriate personal skills training.

Bachelor’s Degree

If you are considering the online Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education, you may expect to engage in around 4 years of learning during your program. The bachelor’s program can consist of additional general education courses that are found in all bachelor’s programs, including courses such as College Algebra, History, and English Composition.

Some students residing in states with certification or licensure requirements for early childhood educators may be required to complete a supervised experience component prior to receiving their final certification. This can include student teaching experiences that can increase skill building and on-the-job expertise in the last semesters of your online program.

Master’s Degree

Learners that already hold a bachelor’s degree in a teaching related field can complement their current certifications with the addition of an Early Childhood Education master’s or certificate program. Both of these options can be found online and can be great for people interested in a career shift after program completion.

At the master’s level, you can expect to complete around 2 years of courses that can contribute to your knowledge of growth and development in young learners. Different online master’s programs may have varying requirements, including specific bachelor’s degrees accepted and experience, so be sure to research your program prior to applying.

Example Online Programs

  • Ashford University – Online Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education: Ashford’s online Bachelors in Early Childhood Education is a standard 120-credit hour program for upcoming teaching professions. The tuition cost per semester at this university is around $10,500, with the university offering assistance to students interested in using financial aid resources to fund their education. This program can be completed by most students in around 4 years.
  • Florida International University – Online Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education: Students entertaining the idea of pursuing this degree program can take the next step through FIU’s online Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. This degree program includes a tuition of $228.81 per credit hour plus fees for new learners. The entire program can be completed in 3-4 years and includes a 120 credit-hour requirement. Financial aid assistance and resources may be available to qualifying students.
  • Arizona State University – Online Master’s in Early Childhood Education: ASU currently provides you with the option to pursue a higher tier degree in Early Childhood Education completely in the online setting. This 30 credit-hour program can be completed in around 2 years, which can be an excellent option for current professionals seeking a career transition. The cost of this program is $11,098 per year. You can contact this university for more information about what type of financial assistance you qualify for prior to admissions.

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