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Consider an online teaching program currently accepting applicants for 2023.

School Level Program Admissions

Arizona State University

Bachelor Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood Studies
Learn how to influence and shape young children’s lives with an early childhood studies degree.

University of West Florida

Master Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction
CAEP Accredited. Programs in Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Education. Gives classroom teachers a specialized education for their student age group and career goals.

Arizona State University

Master Online Master of Education in Elementary Education
Develop the skills needed to become a quality educator who works with children in grades K–8 with this elementary education master’s degree.

Greenville University

Master Master of Arts in Teaching- Elementary Education
100% online, affordable

Campbellsville University

Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (P-5)
Gain the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to work with young learners, teach all subjects at the elementary level and become a certified primary–5th grade teacher.

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Online Elementary Education degree programs can be a learning resource for educators from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Learners in this program can gain expertise through courses in teaching techniques, the foundations of elementary learning, and pre-clinical experiences. The diverse and all-inclusive nature of this program can prepare you for an influential career in the field of Elementary Education.

Elementary Education can be an incredible stage in the lives of children in the school system. Teachers at this level work alongside children as they learn foundation knowledge in all subject areas, as well as gain developmental skills that can lead them through adulthood. If you are the type of person that enjoys influencing children and assisting them in utilizing their natural abilities, this could be the degree program for you.

During your learning experience in this online program, you can gain skills relevant to assessing student need, classroom organization, and curriculum development. Each of these different aspects can pool together to create a unique teaching method for use with a wide variety of children with differing needs. Courses in this program include those in general education, such as English, Health, History, and Mathematics for Elementary Learners. Engagement in these classes can help sharpen your abilities to teach the young mind new information in each subject area.

At the end of your program, you may also be expected to complete a student-teaching experience that can allow you to put what you have learned to the test. Completion of all degree and experience requirements can put you on track for certification and licensure in your state. As you sort through available degree programs, you should be sure to verify the accreditation of each program prior to applying.

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Consider an online teaching program currently accepting applicants for 2023.

School Level Program Admissions

University of Southern California

Master Master of Arts in Teaching Online
Earn Your MAT Online From USC Rossier in 12 Months. No GRE scores required.

University of West Alabama

All Levels Online Bachelor's, Masters, Doctorate, Education Specialist and Alternative Class A Programs
Choose from more than 40 certification and non-certification education programs that can enhance your career as an educator inside or outside the classroom.

The University of Texas Permian Basin

Master MA in Special Education
CAEP-accredited, Complete in as little as 12 months, six start dates a year, cost-effective tuition.

Baylor University

Doctor Doctor of Education (EdD)
An EdD delivered online from a renowned Texas-based institution. No GRE scores required.

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Benefits of Studying Online

If you are considering online Early Childhood Education degree programs, you can enjoy the benefits of technology during the learning process. Since you may expect to utilize these technologies with your own students in the future, practice with educational technology can familiarize you with the processes and capabilities of these types of learning tools.

The future of education can likely include the implementation of online assignment submission tools, the use of teaching software, and course email tools for use in multiple levels of education. Your experience with these tools can help prepare you for what is ahead during the life of your career.

Learning in the online environment can also provide you with increased self-discipline, due to the freedom and flexibility of online courses. Online learning environments typically require that you complete work at your own pace, making it necessary for you to develop your own schedule and stay organized throughout the entire process.

Some of the most common reasons why people choose online degree programs include the flexibility with scheduling and studying that they offer, as well as the equal quality of instruction that they provide. Some students also believe that communication with instructors in the online environment is easier to achieve with tools such as online discussion boards and embedded email tools in each online class.

Over the last decade, online degree providers have worked hard to grow the reputation of their programs through lengthy and challenging accreditation processes. With so many online and reliable options available today, you can choose a program that fits around your schedule and includes the components that can contribute the most to your future career.

Online Degree Requirements

If you are a new prospect to online degree programs in Elementary Education, you might be curious to learn about these convenient programs and what they require from you along the way. Learning online is essentially similar to traditional degree programs, with an added element of virtual learning.

During bachelor’s and master’s programs in this field, you may be expected to log in through your university’s e-learning platform to access your courses. Each week, you may be required to check your syllabus for assignments, engage in weekly readings, and complete homework assignments. Submission of course work in these programs is completed through the online classroom, with drop box features available for easily turning in your assignments. Testing can also be completed through the online course, with some requiring completion within a certain time frame and others not. Attendance in online degree programs can be verified through your weekly log-ins to your courses. Most instructors require that you log in 2-3 times per week, with class discussions being a prime way to exercise engagement with the material.

Although the majority of learning in online Elementary Education programs is complete in the online classroom, your state licensure may require that you participate in clinical experiences and a student-teaching program. Both of these elements of learning may be in-person and require you to locate a placement during your program. Most colleges can provide you with guidance during this portion of your program, making this a great point to discuss with your admissions representative prior to solidifying your enrollment.

Example Online Programs

  • Western Governor’s University – Online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education: WGU current offers an innovative and online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education for new college learners intrigued by the field of education. A large majority of learners can complete this program within 18-48 months, making it potentially ideal for students with varying needs. The tuition for this program is billed at a rate of $3,225 per 6-month term, with financial aid options available to qualifying students.
  • The University of West Alabama – Online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education: Students enrolling in UWA’s online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education can complete their entire program within 3-4 years. This program consist of a 127 credit-hour requirement consisting of course work for precise educational development. The cost of this program is $325 per credit hour, with financial aid offerings available through this school’s financial aid office.
  • The University of Mississippi – Online Master’s in Elementary Education: Ole Miss is currently a reliable provider of online Master’s in Elementary Education degree programs. This 5-semester long, 30 credit-hour program can be your ticket for quick entry into the incredible field of education. Tuition rates for this online program are currently billed at a rate of $8,370 per term, with financial aid available to students that meet outlined qualifications.

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