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Online Elementary Education degree programs can be a learning resource for educators from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Learners in this program can gain expertise through courses in teaching techniques, the foundations of elementary learning, and pre-clinical experiences. The diverse and all-inclusive nature of this program can prepare you for an influential career in the field of Elementary Education.

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Online Elementary Education

Online Degree Requirements

If you are a new prospect to online degree programs in Elementary Education, you might be curious to learn about these convenient programs and what they require from you along the way. Learning online is essentially similar to traditional degree programs, with an added element of virtual learning.

During bachelor’s and master’s programs in this field, you may be expected to log in through your university’s e-learning platform to access your courses. Each week, you may be required to check your syllabus for assignments, engage in weekly readings, and complete homework assignments. Submission of course work in these programs is completed through the online classroom, with drop box features available for easily turning in your assignments. Testing can also be completed through the online course, with some requiring completion within a certain time frame and others not. Attendance in online degree programs can be verified through your weekly log-ins to your courses. Most instructors require that you log in 2-3 times per week, with class discussions being a prime way to exercise engagement with the material.

Although the majority of learning in online Elementary Education programs is complete in the online classroom, your state licensure may require that you participate in clinical experiences and a student-teaching program. Both of these elements of learning may be in-person and require you to locate a placement during your program. Most colleges can provide you with guidance during this portion of your program, making this a great point to discuss with your admissions representative prior to solidifying your enrollment.

Example Online Programs

  • Western Governor’s University – Online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education: WGU current offers an innovative and online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education for new college learners intrigued by the field of education. A large majority of learners can complete this program within 18-48 months, making it potentially ideal for students with varying needs. The tuition for this program is billed at a rate of $3,225 per 6-month term, with financial aid options available to qualifying students.
  • The University of West Alabama – Online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education: Students enrolling in UWA’s online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education can complete their entire program within 3-4 years. This program consist of a 127 credit-hour requirement consisting of course work for precise educational development. The cost of this program is $325 per credit hour, with financial aid offerings available through this school’s financial aid office.
  • The University of Mississippi – Online Master’s in Elementary Education: Ole Miss is currently a reliable provider of online Master’s in Elementary Education degree programs. This 5-semester long, 30 credit-hour program can be your ticket for quick entry into the incredible field of education. Tuition rates for this online program are currently billed at a rate of $8,370 per term, with financial aid available to students that meet outlined qualifications.

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