Prepare for a Career as a Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant Degrees

Types of Teaching Assistant Degrees

New Teaching Assistants entering the field of education, or for existing classroom Teaching Assistants who want to further their education, a Bachelor’s of Education is for you. With several colleges offering this degree online, it is a flexible way for existing educators to enhance their careers.

If a Teaching Assistant becomes interested in advancing to another specific type of role in the school system, then earning a Bachelor’s of Education could help that happen.

Teaching Assistants are needed on all grade levels. Pre-K usually has at least one Teaching Assistant to assist with children that young. They’re also hired to work in the library and special educations rooms.

Special Education classrooms also have numerous teaching assistants in the classroom and some that travel from class to class assisting with students who require individual help.

Types of Teaching Careers

A variety of Teaching Assistant jobs are available within most school districts at the level of Elementary, High School, and Special Education. has information on various types of teaching assistant jobs.

Teaching Assistants are needed for all ages, grades and subjects. Assistants are sought for preschool age all the way through high school on various levels. Some are needed in the classroom while some are assigned to specific students.

If you like working with smaller children, then a career as an Early Childhood Teaching Assistant might be for you. Teaching Assistants are found in all grade levels.

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required to teach, but an Associates degree in Education will open options you in the school setting as well. If working with older kids is something you feel you would be talented doing, then a teaching assistant in high School might better suit you.