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Online Adult Education degree programs can provide learners with the skills needed to educate adult learners in a wide variety of settings. Through these degree options, students can learn relevant tools for teaching adults in educational, community, and employment settings. Adult Education degrees are typically found within a Masters in Education degree program as a specialty concentration track.

Educating adults with varying levels of knowledge from diverse backgrounds and experiences can be an exceptional experience for upcoming teaching professionals.

If you choose to enroll in an online Adult Education degree program, you can gain access to some innovative educational tools used when working with adult learners. Students within these degree programs can engage in learning about technology as a teaching tool, as well as the instructional theory related to working with advanced learners.

Are there online Adult Education programs?

Yes, there are online Masters in Education programs focused specifically on adult education. Current online Adult Education degree programs can provide you with several different paths of focus for your career. Some universities offer course work that spotlights career development and skill training, while other programs focus on teaching skills in English and standard research.

A unique factor about different online Adult Education degree programs is that they focus specifically on the diversity of learners within the classroom. As an adult teacher, you may work with adults that have very different levels of education, learning styles, and professional experiences in the career environment.

Goals of the Adult Education degree

The goal of this degree program may be to teach learners how to establish a foundation for learning that is fitting for a variety of different personalities and learning styles. Some common teaching techniques for adults can be taught within this program, as well as popular education methods involving the most current technologies.

A majority of your degree program may focus on providing you with the skills you need to assess the current learning capabilities of your students, as well as develop a relevant curriculum for your classroom. This can prove to be beneficial when you work in a variety of different fields involved in educating adult learners.

What you can learn within this degree program can generalize to a wide variety of settings after graduation. Some students may choose to pursue careers in adult education centers, while others may utilize their skills in professional training and development within an organization.

Consider a sponsored online teaching program currently accepting applicants for 2024.

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Review of Several Online Adult Education Programs, Updated for 2024

Bellevue University - Online Bachelor's in Adult Education

If you are on track for a career educating adults, Bellevue's online Bachelor's in Adult Education could be a great opportunity for further learning. This program consists of 127 credit hours, which can be finished in around 4 years for most students. This university bills students at a rate of $425 per credit hour. Students can utilize federal financial aid, scholarships, or students loans to help fund their program.

Colorado State University - Online Master's in Adult Education

Students that already hold a bachelor's degree in fields involving teaching or education can qualify for admissions into CSU's online Master's in Adult Education. This graduate degree program requires enrollees to complete 30 credit hours for graduation - over the course of 2 years. Tuition is currently listed at $635 per credit hour. Students may apply for financial aid opportunities in order to qualify.

Penn State Online - Online Master's of Adult Education

Penn State's online Master's in Adult Education can prepare learners for a career teaching adults that are eager to learn. This 30 credit hour program can be ideal for learners that have already achieved a Bachelor's in Teaching or Education. Penn State's tuition rate is currently $924 per credit hour, with financial aid resources available to qualifying students.

What is it like to take an Adult Education Masters online?

Traditional degree programs have long been the go-to for new college students in search of better career opportunities. The rise in popularity of technology in the field of education may have adjusted students’ viewpoints on flexible learning – changing the focus to online programs.

If you are looking for a degree program that can fit perfectly into your busy schedule, online Adult Education degree options may be the best for you. A large number of working adults seeking higher education rely on online options for furthering their career. Online degree programs are not advantageous for current working adults only. New college students fresh out of high school can also be great candidates for these programs, especially those that are balancing their higher education with a brand new full-time career.

During an online teaching degree program, students can gain access to multiple online learning resources, learn new skills in digital communication, and learn to prioritize learning independently throughout their experience. Online learning programs can help students increase their ability to engage in self-discipline, responsibility, and time-management.

The standard benefits to online educational programs include concepts like flexible scheduling opportunities and the ability to work while enrolled in school. Some students may also be able to complete their degree program online in a much faster time frame than they could in person, due to the ability to learn at any time of the day.

Online Degree Requirements

Students that are new to the online learning domain may want to learn more about what is required from them during these types of programs. Different universities offering online Adult Education degrees may have unique requirements, but there are some requirements that are pretty standard from school to school.

If you are participating in an online program, you can expect to log into your classes at minimum 2-3 times per week. During these log ins, you can read current assignments, complete discussions, and submit any homework for the week.

Some programs offer asynchronous courses that allow students to work at their own pace. These courses usually provide due dates up front and have no live lectures required throughout the course.

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous learning

Synchronous courses may have lectures throughout the week that you may be expected to participate in or even live discussions with your instructor and classmates. Different students may benefit from different types of courses, so be sure to locate types that best fit what you can participate in.

Most online degree programs require that you have a computer or laptop, as well as access to the internet. Schools offering online courses and programs often have their own online campus for you to utilize from any location that has an internet connection.

One additional requirement for some degree programs is a practicum or extensive requirement at some point during the program. There is a multitude of completely online programs available for you to choose from, so be sure to check about any in-person requirements of your degree before submitting your application.