Adult Education Degrees

Adult education teachers work in community colleges, technical schools and other community facilities helping those that are over 18 years old to improve or gain skills in reading, writing or earning a GED. Adult education teachers also work in prisons, helping inmates develop better skills and prepare for meaningful employment once they are released.

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Adult Education Masters Programs

  • University of California – San Diego offers a Teaching Adult Learners Certificate program for individuals that wish to teach continuing education and adult learning courses or programs. This program is offered online and includes courses in foundations of adult education, introduction to online learning, instructional practices, and preparing for a community college career. Students also complete a portfolio of a program as part of the capstone course.
  • Colorado State University offers a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education and Human Resource Studies with a specialization in adult education and training. This program, which can be completed in two years, has courses in adult teaching and learning, adult education, instructional design, program development, and assessment & evaluation in adult learning. Students also attend seminars and workshops. This program is offered both online and on campus.
  • Cleveland State University offers a master degree program in adult learning and development that prepares students to plan, design and teach a variety of programs and adult education subjects. Course topics include instructional principles for adult learners, career development, appraisal counseling, adult literacy, and higher education. Although this program requires a 150-hour internship, it is also offered online. Students in the online program are required to find an approved site to perform their internships.

Advantages of Masters Degree in Adult Education

The difference between the bachelor degree and the master degree other than time is that master degree holders are going to have more career opportunities open to them and may have an easier time expending of other areas of teaching than someone having just a bachelor’s degree. Master degree holders also have a large role in planning and developing curriculum and lesson plans.

Adult Education Teacher Working Environment

Adult education teachers develop lesson plans, discuss curriculum with students, explain and communicate with student, document grades, attend training and informational meetings, and keep up with any continuing education courses required to be current with technology. They work in several capacities, including adult basic education instructor, adult educator instructor or GED preparation teacher.