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Online Curriculum and Instruction Degrees

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the realm of education, a standard degree in education may sound like the obvious choice. However, this is not the only pathway to a career as an educator: another option for you to explore may be an online curriculum and instruction degree. Professionals in the education field are in high demand, making this degree a solid choice for anyone with the desire to make a difference in the school setting.

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Online Curriculum and Instruction Degrees

Online Curriculum and Instruction Programs

  • Western Governor’s University North Carolina- Master of Science Curriculum and Instruction

    This degree is different than some others because you do not need a teaching license to be accepted into the program. Therefore, this course is an option for professionals in other fields that wish to break into education. This program takes 6-25 months to complete, as this program is set up to let you move at your own pace. Because tuition is based off of time and not number of credits, students who are able to move through the program more quickly can save money. Financial aid is available.

  • University of Phoenix- Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum and Instruction:

    This course is made of up 35 credits that take 17 months to complete. You will take one course at a time for six weeks per course. This makes this program ideal for busy professionals that have limited time to dedicate to schooling. This program does not lead to teacher licensure, rather, it is intended for current teachers looking to obtain a degree in this area to improve their craft. Financial aid is available.

  • University of South Florida- Master of Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Teaching English Speakers of Other Languages:

    This is a 33 credit course that takes two years to complete. This program is designed for professionals who are already teaching that would like to advance their skills by being trained in TESOL (Teaching English Speakers of Other Languages). In other words, teachers with a concentration in TESOL are prepared to teach English to students who are not native English speakers. Classes in this degree will focus on linguistics and culture to prepare teachers for this specialty. A 3.0 undergraduate GPA as well as two years of work experience is required prior to being accepted into this master’s program. Financial aid is available.

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