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Special education is a diverse field with a myriad of job opportunities for those professionals with the heart to help individuals with disabilities succeed. Simply put, a special educator is an invaluable advocate for the child with special needs in the classroom. Empathetic, compassionate, intelligent individuals are always highly needed in this field, so if working with children with disabilities appeals to you, consider this influential career path.

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Online Special Education Degrees

Example Online Programs

  • Western Governors University North Carolina- Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education and Special Education (dual licensure): This program is made up of 47 courses and includes supervised “demonstration teaching” (which is their version of student teaching). A term lasts 6 months. This university is flexible in that it allows you to go through the program at your own pace at a per-term rather than a per-credit cost. Teacher candidates typically take between 18-48 months to complete this program. Financial aid is available, as well as benefits for US veterans.
  • University of Georgia- Bachelor of Science in special education: Note that for this degree, while classes are taken online, students must come in person one time for orientation. Three practicums are included in this program, in which students are supervised either via in-person supervisor or video. This program costs $629 a credit with a total of 121 credits required. The program is completed in two years. Financial aid is available.
  • University of Florida- Master of Education: This program allows teacher candidates to pick a concentration out of the following: autism, disabilities in society, learning disabilities, or dyslexia. The course is made up of 36 credits. This master’s program takes two years to complete. Financial aid is available.

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