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Upcoming teaching professionals intrigued by technology and what it can provide during the learning process can enroll in Online Educational Technology Programs as a means for future success. Online Educational Technology Programs can provide learners with first hand knowledge into the development and utilization of technologically-advanced teaching tools, methods for accessing the internet for learning purposes, and insight into in-development technologies for future use.

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Online Educational Technology Programs

Example Online Programs

If you are intrigued by what Educational Technology programs have to offer you as an upcoming teaching professional, our team encourages you to explore the different programs currently being offered by universities all over the country. The influx of online educational programs has helped make it possible for more people to pursue higher education for the quality of their lifelong careers. Take a look below at some of the programs currently being offered across the U.S.

  • Texas A&M University – Online Master’s in Educational Technology: The Master’s of Educational Technolog program at Texas A&M University is a 36 credit hour program offered in the online setting. Tuition for this program is listed at $5,906.51 per semester, with multiple financial aid resources available for qualifying students.
  • Arizona State University – Online Master of Education in Learning Design and Technologies: Students choosing Arizona State University for their master’s program can engage in a 30 credit hour degree program designed to sharpen their skills in Educational Technology. Tuition rates for this university are listed as $532 – $1,397 per credit hour. Students can utilize financial aid resources to help fund the costs of their program.
  • The University of Florida – Online Master of Education in Educational Technology:Students interested in pursuing a degree program with focus in both standard teaching and technology-focused courses can enjoy the benefits of both through UF’s M.Ed. in Educational Technology. This 36 credit hour program is available to learners at a rate of $528.33 per credit hour for residents and $631.86 for non-residents. Students can explore financial aid options through consultation with the university’s financial aid office.

Online Degree Requirements

When you begin online Educational Technology degree programs, you may be expected to quickly begin your delve into different subject areas related to success in your field. From start to finish, students like you can expect to complete different milestones along the path to graduation.

Beginning with enrollment, students entered into bachelor’s level programs in this field should prepare for engagement in 3-4 years of learning in the online setting. Courses may require that students log in 2-3 times per week, with different programs offering synchronous and asynchronous options.

Master’s programs in the online setting can consist of around 2 years of extensive learning into Educational Technology, with students having the option to take courses that are closely related to their degree specialization rather than more diverse general education classes.

Online courses include discussion components that can task students with exploring different concepts related to the week’s lesson, as well as add to and challenge the ideas of other learners. These types of assignments can assist you in learning to question theories and explore learning concepts on a deeper level.

In bachelor’s and master’s programs, students in Educational Technology programs may be expected to work with different types of technological learning programs in order to further familiarize them with different technologies available and to explore ideas for the development of new programs along the way.

Teaching degree programs leading to licensure may also contain in-person observation requirements for students on the path to teaching careers. This student teaching experience typically takes place during one of the final semesters of the online teaching degree program and needs to be – at minimum – 10 weeks in length. The observation experience may require that you engage with different grade levels and conduct your observations in different classrooms. The teachers that you observe during this experience should have at least 3 years of teaching experience for optimum learning.

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