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Online Multilingual Education Degrees

The online Multilingual Education degree program utilizes tools in communication, second language instruction, and individual assessment to help learners gain skills relevant to instructing students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. The goal of this educational program is to create educators capable of teaching bilingual learners as well as educating single language learners to use a second language.

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Campbellsville University MA in TESOL at Campbellsville University
Notre Dame of Maryland MA in TESOL (Post Secondary) at Notre Dame of Maryland
Notre Dame of Maryland MA in TESOL (Pre K-12 Certification) at Notre Dame of Maryland

Online Multilingual Education Degrees

  • Texas A&M University – Online Master’s in Bilingual Education: Incoming students intrigued by the field of Bilingual Education can engage in Texas A&M’s online Master’s in Bilingual Education. This incredible program consists of 12 courses, totaling 36 credit hours for the entire program. The total tuition per semester for this program totals $5,167.40. Students can apply for financial aid through the university to see if they qualify for payment resources.
  • The University of Northern Colorado – Online Master’s in Multilingual Education: If you are prepared to enter into a Master’s in Multilingual Education, the University of Northern Colorado may have exactly what you need. This 30 credit hour program can be completed in around 2 years for most learners. This program is currently billed at a rate of $560 per credit hour, with financial aid available to qualifying students.
  • The University of Massachusetts – Online Master of Education in Bilingual, ESL, and Multilingual Education: The University of Massachusetts currently provides incoming learners with the opportunity to engage in a Master of Education in Bilingual, ESL, and Multilingual Education. This program includes 33 credit hours that can be finished over the length of 2 years. This university charges all students the same tuition rate, regardless of locations. Courses are billed at a rate of $1230-$2250 per course, with select financial aid resources current available.

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