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School Level Program Admissions

Campbellsville University

Master MA in TESOL
Make a difference in the lives of non-native English-speaking students in the United States and internationally with our online TESOL master’s program.

Arizona State University

Master Online Master of Arts in Education – Literacy Education
Learn literacy education best practices and gain an in-depth understanding of how to plan literacy instruction.

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The online Multilingual Education degree program utilizes tools in communication, second language instruction, and individual assessment to help learners gain skills relevant to instructing students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. The goal of this educational program is to create educators capable of teaching bilingual learners as well as educating single language learners to use a second language.


Beginning at the onset of the Multilingual Educational program, students can learn more about language acquisition and the relevant learning processes involved. These skills can be beneficial when working with learners from various cultural backgrounds, as well as with bilingual learners in the educational environment.

Some of the course work involved in this degree program involves a look into the foundations of literacy and secondary language acquisition theory. This knowledge can help future educators learn more about how languages are learned in individuals - especially at adolescent or adult age.

In some programs, there may be components related to educating students in the K-12 grade range. Multilingual educators can be valuable assets in schools that enroll students that speak a variety of different languages, since teaching from a multilingual perspective is a high priority in this program.

One of the overall goals of this program is to provide a singular foundation for educators responsible for teaching students that speak different languages in the school system. Courses in specific foreign languages may be required for this program, with most offering students a choice from several different language options.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Multilingual Teacher, you should consider enrollment into online Multilingual Education degree programs. Completion of this program can help you to obtain high-demand careers in the field after graduation.

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Consider an online teaching program currently accepting applicants for 2024.

School Level Program Admissions

The University of Texas Permian Basin

Master MA in Special Education
CAEP-accredited, Complete in as little as 12 months, six start dates a year, cost-effective tuition.

Purdue University

Master Online MS in Education
Specialized degrees in Special Education, Curriculum Instruction, Learning Design and Technology.

University of West Florida

Master Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction
CAEP Accredited, 3 specializations.

Arizona State University

Bachelor Online Bachelor of Education Programs Website

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Benefits of Studying Online

Online educational programs may have quickly become one of the most preferred methods for advanced learning in the collegiate setting. Students may choose online degree programs for the flexibility, convenience, or even due to personal preference.

One of the most well-known benefits to the online degree programs is the time-saving aspect of learning from home. Some students prefer to learn independently, which is what online courses can provide to those enrolled.

If you have your sights set on a college that is not within your home state, historically you would have to relocate in order to attend it. In today's day and age, you can pursue your degree through the online setting without having to live on campus or move to an unfamiliar state.

Online courses are typically well organized - showing you assignments from your very first day and throughout the course. This can allow you to browse through current and future assignments at the beginning of your courses in order to better prepare for what is ahead.

The cost of living all across the U.S. continues to grow with each passing year. New high school graduates or adults seeking higher education for better career opportunities may not have the ability to quit their jobs in order to pursue full-time programs on-campus.

Online programs can provide learners with the option to work during the day and engage in learning in the afternoons or at night. These incredibly flexible degree options can be life-changing for students without the means for on-campus programs.

Online Degree Requirements

If you are preparing to pursue your online Multilingual Education degree program, you should be prepared to meet the requirements of your university's program in order to graduate. Different schools may outline different expectations for their learners, so be sure to review these expectations prior to enrolling.

Most online degree programs include attendance requirements similar to traditional education programs. Online attendance is often weighed by how frequently you log in to your courses, with most programs requiring 2-3 log ins per week.

Your courses will have assignments, discussions, and exams available within your online classroom. These objects can contribute to your overall grade for the course and may have specific due dates listed for each item.

Your overall degree program may have a minimum credit-hour requirement expected for graduation. Your online advisor can assist you with enrolling into your courses each semester, as well as organizing your graduation plans as your move closer to finishing your program.

In some teaching programs, you may be required to engage in a practicum experience on-site at a pre-approved facility or a student teaching location of your choice. This typically occurs near the end of your program and can be a requirement for licensure in some states.

If you have plans to pursue a degree in this field, our team of educational experts recommend that you review your state's requirement on teaching licensure prior to applying. This can help to ensure that you have chosen a program that can help you achieve your license after your degree experience.

  • Texas A&M University – Online Master’s in Bilingual Education: Incoming students intrigued by the field of Bilingual Education can engage in Texas A&M’s online Master’s in Bilingual Education. This incredible program consists of 12 courses, totaling 36 credit hours for the entire program. The total tuition per semester for this program totals $5,167.40. Students can apply for financial aid through the university to see if they qualify for payment resources.
  • The University of Northern Colorado – Online Master’s in Multilingual Education: If you are prepared to enter into a Master’s in Multilingual Education, the University of Northern Colorado may have exactly what you need. This 30 credit hour program can be completed in around 2 years for most learners. This program is currently billed at a rate of $560 per credit hour, with financial aid available to qualifying students.
  • The University of Massachusetts – Online Master of Education in Bilingual, ESL, and Multilingual Education: The University of Massachusetts currently provides incoming learners with the opportunity to engage in a Master of Education in Bilingual, ESL, and Multilingual Education. This program includes 33 credit hours that can be finished over the length of 2 years. This university charges all students the same tuition rate, regardless of locations. Courses are billed at a rate of $1230-$2250 per course, with select financial aid resources current available.

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