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Teaching Degrees in Arkansas

  • 104 teaching programs in Arkansas accredited by CAEP
  • 47 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 39 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Arkansas

Due to the extreme shortage of certified licensed teachers in Arkansas, the Arkansas Department of Education has initiated and approved a nontraditional licensure program that allows individuals with a bachelor's degree to work as a teacher in a classroom while they are completing the specific state requirements to obtain a Arkansas teaching license.

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Arkansas Teaching Degree Programs

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Arkansas

Arkansas State University (ASU) offers several different bachelor degree programs, including a bachelor in athletic training, early childhood education, special education, exercise science, health promotion, sports management and a middle level education program that prepares teachers to teach grades 4-8 in two different subject areas.

  • Henderson State University (HSU): offers bachelor degree programs that prepare teachers for careers in special education, athletic training, early childhood development, and physical education and coaching.
  • John Brown University (JBU): has degree programs that prepare students for Arkansas teaching licenses in elementary education k-6, secondary education 7-12 (English, math or social studies), music education k-12 and TESOL (teaching English to Students of Other Languages) endorsement. Boasting of a curriculum rich in clinical experiences, JBU has bachelor degree programs in elementary education k-6 and secondary education 7-12.

Master’s in Education Degrees in Arkansas

ASU also offers various master degree programs. Students enrolled in a Master of Science in Education program can choose from curriculum and instruction; early childhood education, educational leadership; educational theory and practice; middle level education; special education, gifted, talented and creative; school counseling; special education instructional specialist grades 4-12; special education instructional specialist grades P-4; physical education or reading. ASU also offers Master of Science degrees as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) for bachelor degree holders to obtain licensure.

Students at HSU can advance their training and obtain on-the-job training with the 36-hour M.A.T. program. HSU also offers master degree programs in advanced instructional studies, sports administration, special education, clinical mental health counseling and educational leadership. JBU offers a M.A.T.–Secondary Education and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with concentrations in either Teacher as Leader or TESOL with ESL endorsement.

Arkansas Specific Teaching Certifications & Specializations

Students interested in teaching at community college can benefit from ASU’s sixth-year specialist degree in community college teaching. ASU also offers a doctorate of education, specialist in education and a mental health counseling certificate for those already in the professional but wishing to upgrade. HSU offers doctoral degrees and programs leading to doctorates in areas such as school counseling, sports management, technology leadership and special education, among others. Students can also find certificate programs aimed at earning certification at HSU.