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Teaching Degrees in DC

  • 52 teaching programs in DC accredited by CAEP
  • 12 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 31 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in DC

Teachers in Washington, DC must have at least a bachelor’s degree and must complete a teacher preparation program.

In addition, they must pass three Praxis exams to prove competency in core academic areas if they are beginning their teaching careers. The District of Columbia has three levels of certification depending on the teacher’s level of study.

There are only a few universities in the D.C. but students have a good selection of academic options.

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DC Teaching Degree Programs

Bachelor’s in Education Programs in DC

American University (AU) in Washington, DC offers several bachelor degree programs, including a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education with minors in art, biology, mathematics, history, literature and music and a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education that prepares teacher for certification in their area of specialty.

Howard University (HU) offers a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a focus on curriculum & instruction and a bachelor’s degree in human development. The Catholic University of America (CUA) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Education with majors in elementary, secondary and early childhood education as well as an education studies program. In addition to the majors they offer, the programs also offer several other areas of concentration. The University of the District of Columbia has bachelor degree programs with majors in elementary, secondary, special and early childhood education.

Master’s in Education Programs in DC

Students who have a non-teaching degree but want to obtain a license to teach can benefit from AU’s Master of Arts in Teaching, which offers majors in elementary education, secondary education, early education and K-12 education. AU also offers a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Master of Arts in International Peace and Conflict Resolution that the students can earn at the same time.

Students at CUA can choose from Master of Arts programs in early childhood education, special education and secondary education. The secondary education also offers minors in English, mathematics, or social studies. Field experiences are an important part of the bachelor and master degree programs at CUA.

Although George Washington University (GWU) doesn’t have any teaching bachelor degree programs, it offers a Master of Education in Teaching with a concentration in museum education and a Master of Education with concentrations in elementary education and secondary education. GWU also offers Master of Arts in Education & Human Development with several areas of concentration.

HU offers a Master in Education program with majors in elementary education, secondary education and special education as well as a Master of Education with a focus in school psychology and counseling. The secondary education major includes various choices of minors. The University of the District of Columbia has a Master of Teaching degree with an elementary education major as well as Master of Art degrees in early childhood, speech-language pathology and adult education.

DC Certification & Specializations

AU has a graduate certificate in areas of early childhood, elementary, secondary education, K-12 and ESOL. This program is for students who have bachelor’s degrees and several years teaching experience who want to be certified and licensed in the DC area as well as other states. Bachelor degree students can also choose from education studies and special education minors.

CUA offers doctoral degrees in educational psychology and in Catholic educational leadership as well as an advanced graduate certificate in Catholic educational leadership. GWU offers an educational specialist certificate as well as several graduate certificates and doctoral degree programs for teachers that want to advance their education and earn higher wages.