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Teaching Degrees in Idaho

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There is more than one path towards becoming a licensed teacher in Idaho.

The traditional way involves the student completing at least a bachelor's degree and a teacher preparation program.

The second way is offered through The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE), an organization that offers a teaching program that is less expensive than colleges or universities. This program, offered online, can be completed in less than a year. Upon completion, the student obtains a teaching position in an Idaho school and applies for a 3-year teaching certificate from the state of Idaho.

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Idaho Teaching Degree Programs

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Idaho

Idaho students in need of bachelor degree programs to help them obtain a teaching license will find many options at Boise State University. BSU offers a BA degree in elementary education as well as BA in elementary education programs with majors in bilingual/ENL or TOSEL/ENL an concentrations in literacy; language and culture; and curriculum, instruction and foundational studies.

Brigham Young University – Idaho offers bachelor degrees in various majors including early childhood education and teaching; early childhood special education (P-3); elementary education (k-8); secondary education (6-12) and special education (k-12). Like many teacher programs, the programs at BYU-Idaho include coursework, supervised teaching experiences, field work and internships. Students must have some teaching experience prior to getting their teaching license. The teacher education programs also offer concentrations in health, science, social studies, mathematics, music and biology.

Master’s in Education Degrees in Idaho

BSU also has a variety of master degree programs for teachers looking to advance their education. Some of their offerings include Master of Education programs in bilingual education or English as a second language, Special Education and Early Childhood Studies; Master of Science in Educational Leadership or Educational Technology; Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education and Early Childhood Studies. A Master of Science in STEM Education is also offered at BSU.

Online Teaching Degrees in Idaho

Boise State University offers an online graduate teaching endorsement (k-12) as well as an online education technology graduate program. The cost for these two programs is the same for Idaho and out-of-state students.

BYU offers an online associate degree program in general studies for students who want to earn a bachelor degree but aren’t quite ready. The associate degree generally acts as the first two years of a bachelor degree program. An online bachelor degree program in interdisciplinary studies is also available at BYU. Online education programs are offered at the associate, bachelor and graduate level at Northwest Nazarene University.

Idaho Teaching Certification & Specializations

Boise State University offers a bachelor’s degree dual program in special education and early and special education that provides the student with elementary education certification. They also offer a similar program that provides certification in early childhood intervention. BSU also offers educational technology certificate programs that focus on areas like school technology coordination or technology integration specialist. NNU has certification programs for elementary education and secondary education.