Campus and Online Teaching Degrees in Kentucky

Kentucky Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in Kentucky

Asbury University offers an elementary education P-5 undergraduate program through its Adult Professional Studies division. Students can choose to focus on writing, communications, humanities, literature, mathematics, foreign language, science, philosophy, music/art history or social sciences.

Eastern Kentucky University offers an online Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) with concentrations in elementary education, gifted education, instructional leadership, library science, literacy P-12, middle school education and special education.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Kentucky

Asbury University, a NCATE-CAEP-accredited school, has a College of Education that runs year round to accommodate its students. It offers bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs to meet the needs of students interested in teaching. AU students who enroll in the elementary school P-5 bachelor degree program can choose concentrations in English, fine arts, English as a second language, mathematics, learning and behavior disorders, social studies, science or foreign languages. The middle school 5-9 program offers similar concentrations. AU also offers majors in P-12 education and secondary education 8-12 with several areas of emphasis.

Eastern Kentucky University offers bachelor degree programs in elementary education, middle school education, special education/early childhood education, education of the deaf and hard of hearing, and learning and behavior disorders. These four-year programs prepare teachers for licensure to teach students in those specific schools or programs.

The University of Kentucky offers a Bachelor of Arts in Education program with focus on either secondary English education or secondary social studies education as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education with emphasis on exercise science or communication sciences and disorders. Other teaching bachelor degree programs can be found at Midway College and Transylvania University.

Master’s in Education Degrees in Kentucky

Asbury University offers a Master of Arts in Education with minors in English as a Second Language Endorsement; Learning and Behavior Disorders; Literacy Specialist P-12 and Teacher as a Leader. The Master in Arts in Teaching program offers emphasis areas of biological sciences 8-12, chemistry 8-12, English 8-12, social studies 8-12, French 8-12, middle school 5-8, English as a second language, and learning and behavior disorders, among others.

Eastern Kentucky University offers master degree programs in areas like middle grade education, instructional leadership, secondary education, elementary education, learning and behavior disorders, literacy and communication disorders. Master degree students complete course work and are generally required to complete a senior project or thesis. The University of Kentucky offers Master of Arts in Education and Master of Arts in Secondary Education with several areas of specialization.

Kentucky Teacher Certification & Specializations

A learning and behavior disorders dual-certification program is available to Asbury University students who major in P-12, elementary or middle school education. AU also offers a 36-hour principal licensure/instructional supervisor dual certification program.

Eastern Kentucky University offers certification programs in level 1 principal and school media librarianship as well as one in special education with focus on LBD certification, IECE certification, DHH certification and MSD certification.

EKU also offers endorsement programs for gifted education, literacy, supervision of instruction and director of pupil personnel endorsement. These programs are all offered online. University of Kentucky offers certification programs in elementary education, middle school education, special education, kinesiology, interdisciplinary early childhood education, special education and STEM education.