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Teaching Degrees in Louisiana

  • 120 teaching programs in Louisiana accredited by CAEP
  • 66 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 39 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Louisiana

An individual can become a licensed teacher in Louisiana in one of two ways. One way is to complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science teaching program with an area of certification, complete 180 hours of teaching experience and an internship. The second way is to complete any type of bachelor degree program and a teacher preparation program or a master degree teaching program.

Regardless of which path an individual wishes to take, Louisiana has various teaching schools from which to choose. Louisiana Students may apply to TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students), a program that provides scholarships to Louisiana residents enrolled in certain colleges.

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Louisiana Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teacher Degrees in Louisiana

Although LSU-Alexandria doesn’t have any online teaching programs, they do offers online courses, which can help students complete their general education. Louisiana Tech University has an online add-on adult education certificate as well as Master of Arts programs in both art and history. Northwestern State University of Louisiana offers an online post baccalaureate certification program in practitioner teacher program for elementary grades 1-5, middle school grades 4-8 and secondary grades 6-12.

NSUL also offers a wide variety of online master degree programs. The offerings include master degree programs for early childhood education, elementary education, middle school education, secondary education, special education, and curriculum and instruction. Several Master of Education programs are also offered online at NSUL.

Undegraduate Teaching Programs

Louisiana State University – Alexandria has a bachelor degree program in elementary education. After completing all required coursework, internships and assessment tests, the teacher is prepared to teach grades 1-5. LSU-Alexandria also offers a bachelor degree program in general studies with a focus on kinesiology. Several bachelor degree teaching programs are offered at Louisiana Tech University, including a Bachelor of Science in early childhood education (grades PK-3, elementary education (grades 1-5), and general special education: mild/moderate (grades 1-5).

LTU also has a bachelor degree in secondary education (6-12) that offers concentrations in math and science, biology, business education, English, chemistry, mathematics, social studies, physical education, earth science and business education.

Graduate Teaching Degrees in Louisiana

Louisiana Tech University has three master degree programs including a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction; a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership. The ME in Curriculum and Instruction offers 15 areas of concentration. These include adult education, early childhood education, special education, biology, chemistry, history, English and mathematics, among others. The ME id Educational Leadership offers three areas of concentration.

Master degree programs in kinesiology; and counseling and guidance are also offered at LTU. A variety of master degree programs can be found at Northwestern State University of Louisiana, including master degrees in adult education, counseling, educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, educational technology leadership, educational leadership and instruction, early childhood education and special education.