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Teaching Degrees in Missouri

  • 29 teaching programs in Missouri accredited by CAEP
  • 17 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 15 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Missouri

Becoming a licensed teacher in Missouri can be accomplished in several ways. The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education states that while there are several paths towards licensure, the traditional way is by completing a bachelor's degree in an educational field. Listed below are a few of the Missouri teaching schools and some of the programs they offer.

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Missouri Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in MO

Students who can’t attend college on campus can take advantage of the online programs offered at Lincoln University, which include a Bachelor of Science in Education with various areas of concentration offered. Lincoln also offers a hybrid master degree program in school administration and supervision. Students can complete courses online but must complete an internship in an actual educational setting. University of Missouri (MizzouOnline) has a large selection of online teaching programs that include bachelor degree, master degree, doctoral degree and graduate certificates. Online teaching programs can also be found at Northwest Missouri State University.

Missouri Teacher Certification & Specializations

Avila University has certification programs in elementary (1-6), special education (K-12), middle school (5-9) and secondary education (9-12). The middle school option offers additional certification in language arts, math, social studies and science while the secondary offers certification for art, biology, business education, English, speech/theater and social studies. Avila’s certification programs are for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree. At the end of the program, the student must complete a 12-week clinical experience.

Avila also has an advanced teacher certification for licensed teachers that want to add English for Speakers of Other Languages to their credentials. Lincoln University offers an associate degree in early childhood education for students who want to get the jump on general education courses prior to enrolling in a bachelor degree program or who want to find entry-level positions working in early childhood education positions. Lincoln also has a middle school education master degree certification as well as a educational leadership specialist degree program.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in MO

Avila University offers bachelor degree programs in elementary education, middle school education, special education, and International education and advocacy. They also offer a secondary education minor that allows students to major in art, biology, business, English, social studies and speech. Bachelor degree programs typically consist general education courses, major-related courses, elective courses, practicum courses, clinical education and field experiences.

Graduates cannot become licensed until they’ve completed a student teaching or mentoring program. Several concentrations are offered with the Bachelor of Science in Education program at Lincoln University. The Bachelor of Science in Education program at Northwest Missouri State University offers concentrations in early childhood education certification; elementary subject area; and early childhood education. They also have a middle school and special education program. Students attending the University of Missouri – Columbus can obtain teaching certifications in areas like early childhood education, art education, elementary education, special education, music education, middle school and secondary education.

Master’s in Education Degrees in MO

A 33-credit Master of Arts in Education program is offered at Avila University. This program offers concentrations in teaching and learning, International education & leadership, and teaching Education as a second language (TESL). Students enrolling in master degree programs are usually required to already have a bachelor’s degree. Students who have a non-teaching bachelor degree often choose a master’s degree teaching program to earn certification and licensure as a teacher.

Lincoln University offers master degree programs in school teaching – elementary and secondary; middle school education; and a guidance and counseling – elementary, secondary and community agency. Northwest Missouri State University has Master of Science in Education programs in concentrations in early childhood education, educational leadership, elementary, elementary mathematics, and special education, among others.