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Teaching Degrees in Nebraska

  • 3 teaching programs in Nebraska accredited by CAEP
  • Consider an Online Bachelors, as there are 0 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 2 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Nebraska

To teach in Nebraska you need at least a bachelor's degree and at least one endorsement in a specific subject and/or grade level. The state also requires that students complete a designated number of semester hours in various subjects.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are more than 20 accredited colleges and universities in Nebraska that offer teaching programs for individuals pursuing initial licensure or teachers interested in adding additional certifications to their teaching licenses. These programs satisfy the teaching requirements set by the Nebraska Department of Education.

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Nebraska Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in Nebraska

Chadron State College offers various options in online learning. For bachelor degree programs, CSC offers early childhood education endorsement, early childhood education inclusive and a teacher alternative certification program. These three programs are offered as hybrid programs because, while some courses are online, some courses must be completed on campus.

CSC does offer online master degree programs in curriculum and instruction and in educational administration. Both of these programs offer several areas on concentration.

Nebraska Teacher Certification & Specializations

Grace University offers students the opportunities to obtain field, subject and supplemental endorsements to increase the credentials on their teaching licenses. Field endorsement possibilities include elementary, elementary early childhood, middle school, music and secondary math or social science. Subject endorsements concentrations include early childhood, English, history or mathematics, among others. Coaching supplemental and English as a second language are concentrations offered with the supplemental endorsement. In addition to the baccalaureate programs at Nebraska Wesleyan University, they also offer supplemental certificates in English as a second language (ESL), theater or coaching.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Nebraska

Chadron State College offers bachelor degree programs in education with endorsements in middle grades (4-9), elementary education (k-8) and special education (k-12). Chadron also has a post baccalaureate program for non-teaching degree holders to earn a bachelor’s degree in education. Nebraska Wesleyan University has several 4-year baccalaureate teaching programs including art (K-6 and K-12), elementary education, special education (K-6) and secondary education.

The secondary education program offers various endorsements such as basic business, mathematics, chemistry, health, science, and English language arts to name a few. Students in these programs complete at least six supervised practicum experiences before the even start their student teaching. Hastings College and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln both have several bachelor degree teaching programs and offers students internship and study abroad opportunities to get the maximum experience.

Masters in Education Degrees in Nebraska

Master degree programs in curriculum and instruction; educational administration; and school counseling are available at Chadron State College. In addition to the three majors, each program also offers students various areas of concentration from which to choose.

For instance, the curriculum and instruction program offers concentrations in elementary – general education; elementary field option with a subject area concentration; secondary education; PK-12 reading specialist; and K-12 special education.

Students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Education program at York College receive hands-on training and are placed in actual classrooms during the first semester. They also receive advice on choosing the most marketable endorsements an also have job placement assistance upon graduation.

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln offers master degree programs in child development/early childhood education; educational administration; special education; and speech-language pathology.