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Teaching Degrees in Nevada

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are less than a dozen teaching colleges in Nevada. However, these colleges offer a great selection of programs whether you're looking for initial teacher licensure or are trying to advance your education.

In addition, Nevada also participates in the Alternative Route to Licensure program, which allows individuals who have a bachelor's degree in a non-teaching field to obtain licensure through a non-traditional path. Below is a list of several different teaching programs for aspiring teachers that are available at Nevada colleges.

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Nevada Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in NV

An individual who is just starting in an educational career or who wants to get a jump start on earning a bachelor degree in teaching can benefit from completing an online associate degree at the College of Southern Nevada. CSN offers online Associate of Arts degrees with emphasis on elementary education, secondary education, early childhood, special education, communication, English, history and International languages. CSN also offers an online teaching and learning certificate programs for teachers who are interested in teaching online courses.

Sierra Nevada College offers an online interdisciplinary studies bachelor degree program as well as master degree programs in administration, and advanced teaching and leadership. The administration program is offered as a hybrid program whereas the advanced teaching and leadership program is 100% online. The dual degree program at Sierra Nevada College is also offered as either an online or hybrid program.

Nevada Teacher Certification & Specializations

Great Basin College also offers post baccalaureate teacher preparation programs in elementary and secondary education. The difference in these programs and the bachelor degree programs mentioned above is the bachelor degree programs are for students that want to earn a bachelor’s degree in teaching whereas these programs are for individuals that have non-teaching degrees but want to be certified as elementary or secondary education teachers. Nevada State College offers minors in literacy, pedagogy, and a specialty area.

NSC also offers endorsements in English as a second language and technology as well as post baccalaureate programs in elementary education, special education, teaching autism, and secondary education with focus of specific subjects. UN – Las Vegas offers Alternative Route to Licensure programs in elementary education and secondary education. This college also offers several graduate licensure programs for students who want to teach in locations other than elementary and middle schools.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Nevada

Great Basin College in Elko and the University of Nevada – Las Vegas both offer bachelor degree programs in elementary education and secondary education. Upon completion of these programs the student is prepared to teach students in elementary schools (K-8) or secondary schools (6-12) in the State of Nevada. UN-Las Vegas also offers bachelor degree programs in early childhood education (licensure & non-licensure) and special education.

Nevada State College offers a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with concentrations in bilingual education and special education as well as bachelor degrees in speech pathology and secondary education.

Master’s in Education Degrees in Nevada

Sierra Nevada College offers a Master of Arts in Teaching program that prepares students for to be licensed to each elementary (K-8), secondary (7-12), dual (k-12) and special education students. SNC also has a dual-degree program that allows students to earn a bachelor degree in teaching and Master of Art in Teaching degree in five years. UN-Las Vegas offers Master of Education and Master of Science in Teaching programs with concentrations in elementary education, educational technology, secondary education, English education, literacy education and secondary education with various subject options.

The University of Nevada – Reno offers master degree programs in educational psychology, information technology in education, educational leadership, equity and diversity in education, elementary education, secondary education and special education.