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Teaching Degrees in North Dakota

  • 3 teaching programs in North Dakota accredited by CAEP
  • Consider an Online Bachelors, as there are 0 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 2 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in North Dakota

To work as a licensed teacher in North Dakota, you must have a bachelor's degree and complete an accredited teacher preparation program. You must also meet the state's requirement for undergraduate coursework, which will vary by the level of study you choose. Teaching programs are typically found at four-year colleges and universities.

While North Dakota doesn't have as many teaching colleges as some states, they have a good selection of teaching programs as indicated below.

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North Dakota Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in North Dakota

The online Master of Science in Special Education program at Minot State University has concentrations in deaf or hard of hearing developmental disabilities/autism spectrum disorders, specific learning disabilities, special education strategist, and early childhood special education.

Students complete coursework and must complete either a thesis or a research project. The University of North Dakota offers online master degree teaching programs.

North Dakota Teacher Certification & Specializations

Dickinson State University offers licensure and certification programs in the following areas: elementary education, art education, biology education, chemistry education, history education, English education, science education, technology education and more.

Students interested in working in schools but not yet ready or able to pursue a bachelor or master teaching degree may benefit from the associate degree programs in early childhood education and teacher education offered at Sitting Bull College. Several licensure and certification programs are also offered at the University of North Dakota.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in North Dakota

There are a few universities that offer teaching degrees with majors in elementary education (grades 1-6), secondary education (grades 7-12) and K-12 education for specific subjects in all grades. Within each major area, students can choose specific areas of study with their choice of concentrations or minors, which will then lead to licensure in that area.

There are a few teaching schools offering a Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary education, which also offers minors in art, chemistry, English, biology, history and mathematics, among others. A graduate of this program would be eligible to teach elementary students in all subjects and also teach whatever subject or concentration they chose. DSU offers a variety of B.S. combinations. Bachelor degree programs in elementary education, secondary education, elementary/special education and early childhood education (teaching and non-teaching option) are available.

Minot State University offers bachelor degree programs in early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, physical education and athletic training; each major also offers minors or concentrations. MSU teaching students experience extensive hands-on training working in classrooms. All teaching programs at MSU require core courses such as foundations of education; technology of teaching; teaching diverse learners; child and adolescent psychology; ethnic & cultural diversity in America; curriculum, planning and assessment; and educational psychology.

Master’s in Education Degrees in North Dakota

The Master of Education program at Minot State University requires completing at least 30 semester hours; graduate students are required to complete at least 18 semester hours of common core courses. In addition to completing a thesis or research project, students take courses in models of teaching & learning; designing & interpreting education research/qualitative; curriculum design and assessment; and dynamics of managing learning.

This program also offers concentrations in art, business, cognitive science, elementary, elementary/middle school mathematics, English, English language learners, gifted and talented; and kindergarten. The 36-credit Master of Education program at the University of Jamestown consists of curriculum & instruction courses, core education courses, and a research-based thesis or project. University of North Dakota offers a large selection of master degree teaching programs in areas like early childhood education, elementary education, reading education and special education, among many others.