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Teaching Degrees in Oklahoma

  • 171 teaching programs in Oklahoma accredited by CAEP
  • 131 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 32 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has more than 40 accredited teaching schools for students who are interested in becoming a licensed teacher in Oklahoma schools or in obtaining additional certifications to increase their value in the classroom. These schools also offer teaching programs at bachelor and master degree levels.

Oklahoma students must pass these three tests either before they complete their programs, obtain certification or begin student teaching: Oklahoma General Education Test, Oklahoma Subject Area Tests and Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination. Here are a few of the teaching programs and majors offered at Oklahoma universities.

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Oklahoma Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in Oklahoma

East Central University offers an online 32-33 credit M.Ed. program Although a Master of Education in Science Education is the only online program offered at Northeastern State College, there are many individual courses offered online.

Certification & Specializations

Cameron University offers certification programs in special education and elementary math specialist. Certification programs for reading specialist, school counselor; elementary school principal, special education-learning disabilities and secondary school principal are offered at East Central University.

Langston University offers certification in several areas including mathematics education, elementary education and early childhood education. Northeastern State University offers certification, post-baccalaureate certification, advanced certification and alternative certification programs. University of Central Oklahoma has graduate certification programs in more than a dozen areas.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has universities with bachelor’s in education teaching programs in elementary education and early childhood education as well as programs focused on specific subjects like biology education, English education and social studies.

Once students choose their major, they may also have choices in concentrations. The elementary and early childhood education major offers a concentration in special education. The English education program offers concentrations in creative writing and literature.

The College of Education at Northeastern State University consists of five departments (Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership, Health & Kinesiology, Psychology & Counseling, and Teacher Education) and each department offers bachelor and master degree programs with education-related majors.

Bachelor degrees in elementary education, special education, early childhood education, general psychology, health and human performance are just a few of the baccalaureate programs offered at NSU.

Several universities offer programs in elementary education, early childhood education and secondary education. Bachelor degree programs require students to complete several field experiences in addition to coursework.

Field experiences may be tutoring students, observing special education students or participating in student teaching. Bachelor degree programs also require internships as part of the curriculum.

Master’s in Education Degrees in Oklahoma

Master degree teaching programs don’t typically require as many field experiences as undergraduate programs because practical experience usually takes place at the baccalaureate level.

This is one reason why many graduate level programs are offered online. Students in master degree programs complete coursework and usually complete a research-based thesis or senior project prior to graduation.