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Teaching Degrees in Rhode Island

  • 47 teaching programs in Rhode Island accredited by CAEP
  • 22 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 21 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Rhode Island

Teachers in Rhode Island must complete approved training programs and be certified or licensed in the area and/or subject in which they intend to teach. Rhode Island only has a few teaching colleges and universities.

You might consider an online teaching degree program (there are many specializations and availability at all degree levels).

Read on for an overview of some of the schools with teaching degrees in Rhode Island and what they offer in the way of coursework and requirements, as well as specifics on teaching licensure in Rhode Island.

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Rhode Island Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teacher Degrees in Rhode Island

Online teaching degree programs in Rhode Island are very rare. University of Rhode Island offers online courses but doesn’t currently offer online degree programs in teaching. Consider reviewing all online teaching degrees.

Teacher Certification & Specializations

Johnson & Wales has a doctoral degree program in educational leadership. Students learn how to perform research and complete projects using skills developed through practical experiences. This program has weekend classes and requires students to complete a research-based dissertation. The University of Rhode Island has certification programs in elementary special education (grades 1-6) and secondary special education (grades 7-12) with additional certifications in specific subjects (English, math, social studies, etc.).

URI has a M.A. teacher certification program for bachelor degree holders interested in obtaining teaching certification and a master’s degree. URI also offers certification extensions in middle school teaching and English as a second language. These certifications can be obtained by choosing specific majors (mathematics, biology, English, etc.) while in the undergraduate programs.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees

Brown University has a 5-year M.A.T. program for teaching undergraduates interested in earning a master degree in teaching. Students can choose to enroll in the elementary programs or the secondary education (7-12) option, which allows students to choose from English, science or history/social studies.

The University of Rhode Island offers a few different options for students pursuing undergraduate studies. URI’s programs focus around elementary, secondary, early childhood, music and physical education. The early childhood program leads to a bachelor degree in human development and family studies and a pre-grade 2 certification. The elementary education results in a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with an arts and science certification.

The secondary education program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with concentrations in English, science, history, biology, mathematics and physics, among others. Graduates of the physical education and music major can teach those subjects to grades K-12. The bachelor degree teaching programs at Roger Williams University offer students the chance to not only be certified in that specific field but also in additional areas.

For instance, a student in the elementary education program may earn an endorsement in middle school teaching or a secondary education student may also earn certification in dance education. Students must complete practicum courses, internships and student teaching to be eligible for certification. RWU offers baccalaureate studies in elementary education, educational studies and secondary education. Salve Regina University also offers teaching baccalaureate programs.

Master’s in Education Degrees

Brown University offers three options in graduate studies. They offer masters in elementary education, secondary education or urban education policy. These programs can be completed in one year. The secondary education program offers concentrations in history/social studies, English or science. The literacy program at Roger Williams University is the only master degree teaching program at that school.

Johnson & Wales University has a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning program that consists of six courses and a capstone course. Classes for this program are offered in the evenings. Courses include assessment for learning; monitoring and managing student learning; exploration of teaching and learning; and standards, curriculum and instructional design.

URI offers Master of Arts degrees in education, reading, and special education. Students in the education program can choose elementary, secondary, reading or adult education as their area of focus.