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Teaching Degrees in South Carolina

  • 271 teaching programs in South Carolina accredited by CAEP
  • 161 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 92 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in South Carolina

In addition to earning a baccalaureate degree, teachers in South Carolina must also complete a designated number of semester hours in undergraduate courses depending what grades they want to teach.

Continue reading for an overview of some of the teaching programs offered in a few South Carolina colleges and universities.

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South Carolina Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in South Carolina

Anderson University has a 33-hour online M.Ed. program that can be completed in one year. Students must already be certified teachers and will not obtain additional certifications. This program, which is both online and on campus, is for teachers interested in earning a master degree to enhance their resumes. Course topics include educational leadership, educational research, current issues in public school education, and principles of curriculum development.

South Carolina State University offers various online courses. University of South Carolina offers not only online bachelor and master teaching programs but also online courses. USC also has an online doctoral program in curriculum and instruction.

Teaching Specializations

Anderson University has certification programs in elementary, physical and secondary education.

The College of Charleston offers graduate certification programs in English to speakers of other languages; gifted and talented education; and special education.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in South Carolina

Anderson University offers a few different bachelor degree programs. The elementary education programs offer a straight-forward program and also one with a concentration in special education: learning disabilities. Yet a third elementary education option includes an early childhood education add-on certification. The secondary education program offers concentrations in English, math and social studies. AU also offers a physical education program and a multi-category special education program that allows students to teach grades K-12.

South Carolina State University offers various bachelor degree programs. Some of the majors include biology and chemistry; early childhood; art; business; elementary; English and technology education. Students attend seminars and complete teaching experiences as part of the curriculum. The University of South Carolina offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science teaching programs and they’re offered on campus and online. Whether it’s art, music, dance, athletics or middle school teaching you’re pursuing, chances are USC will have the appropriate program.

Master’s in Education Degrees in South Carolina

The two master degree programs at Anderson University both include evening classes to allow students more flexibility in earning a degree and continuing to work. The M.A.T. program focuses on elementary education while the M.Ed. program includes an administration and supervision concentration.

Teaching, learning and advocacy; special education; languages; early childhood education; science and mathematics for teachers; and child life are just a few of the majors offered in the master degree programs at the College of Charleston. These programs help increase the teacher’s value in the classroom by advancing their education to the next level. Master degree programs in educational leadership, education, counselor education and teaching are offered at the South Carolina State University.

A large selection of master degree programs are offered through USC’s College of Education, whether you’re interested in teaching younger grades, performing research or working with troubled youth. Some of the majors include curriculum and instruction; counselor education; educational psychology and research; physical education and teacher education.