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Teaching Degrees in Tennessee

  • 21 teaching programs in Tennessee accredited by CAEP
  • 7 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 9 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Tennessee

With more than 40 teaching schools in the state, Tennessee students have an excellent choice in teaching programs designed to provide them with certification and licenses as teachers.

Below is an overview of a few of the many colleges and universities along with some of the top teaching programs.

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Tennessee Teaching Degree Programs

TN Teacher Certification & Specializations

Austin Peay State University has an education specialist certification program with concentrations in administration and supervision, elementary education and secondary education. There are also seven licensure programs and more than a dozen secondary licensure programs offered at APSU. East Tennessee State University offers certification programs in teacher education at multiple levels and early childhood education.

Tennessee State University offers certification programs in art education, agri-science, French, geography, mathematics, speech and history, among others. Tennessee State University also offers endorsements in special education, math, and English as a second language.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Tennessee

Austin Peay State University offers bachelor degree programs in various areas, including early childhood (preK-3); elementary grades (K-6); middle grades (4-8); special education (K-12); art (K-12); music (K-12); and health & human performance (K-12). APSU also has 4-year secondary licensure programs to teach grades 7-12 in areas like biology, English, Spanish, German, chemistry, and French to name just a few.

Undergraduate programs in elementary education, secondary education, special education and early childhood education are all offered at Vanderbilt Peabody College, Tennessee State University and University of Tennessee – Chattanooga. These 4-year programs prepare students for initial licensure. VPC also offers majors in human and organizational development and cognitive studies while programs in physical education or agriculture can be found at TSU.

Master’s in Education Degrees in Tennessee

The Master of Arts in Education program at Austin Peay State University offers a concentration in special education and specializations in instructional technology, advanced studies, reading, mathematics, and educational leadership. APSU also has a M.A.T. program that includes concentrations in PreK-3 education, elementary education, middle grades education, secondary education and special education. This program is for bachelor degree holders who do not have a teaching license.

Tennessee State University offers master degree programs in curriculum & instruction; elementary education; and special education. The C&I program offers concentrations in curriculum planning; secondary school instruction; reading specialist; educational technology; and teaching non-English background students. University of Tennessee – Chattanooga also offers master degree programs in counseling, elementary education, reading specialist, school leadership, secondary education and special education.

Vanderbilt Peabody University has unique options for graduate programs including a fifth year master’s program and an early start program. Both of these options allow students to get a jump start on their master degrees and earn them in one year. VPU also has a dual-degree M.D./M.Ed. program that allows the student to earn both degrees in five years.