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Teaching Degrees in Vermont

  • 16 teaching programs in Vermont accredited by CAEP
  • 9 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 6 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Vermont

While there may not be more than a dozen teaching colleges in Vermont, these few colleges offers an excellent selection of programs at both the bachelor and master degree levels.

You might consider an online teaching degree program (there are many specializations and availability at all degree levels).

Below is an overview of some of the top Vermont teaching colleges and the various programs they offer.

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Vermont Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in Vermont

The University of Vermont offers an online pre-master’s speech/language/pathology certificate program; online education contract courses and a variety of individual online courses. Castleton State College also offers several online courses. Online courses help students complete their degree requirements at a comfortable pace. Champlain College offers a 100% online master degree in early childhood program administration.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in VT

There are multiple teaching schools in Vermont with bachelor degree programs such as elementary education, secondary education, and interdisciplinary studies. These programs also offer students areas of concentration such as art, music, math or science, etc. There are also several undergraduate teaching options available in areas such as childhood education, biology, music performance & music education, art history, education and physical education.

The University of Vermont offers undergraduate teaching programs in various areas and for various grade levels. UV’s offerings include bachelor degree programs in early childhood special education, early childhood, elementary, middle level, art, music, secondary education and special education. These programs prepare teachers for licensure in certain subjects at certain grade levels. For instance, a graduate of the Bachelor of Elementary program can obtain licensure to teach grades 1-6. With a concentration in art, this teacher can also teach art to students.

Such programs can be found at Champlain College, which also offers a middle school teacher education program and an early childhood/elementary teacher education program with concentrations in educational technology and literature. The secondary teacher education program offers a major in history/social studies and concentrations in literature or educational technology.

Master’s in Education Degrees in VT

The M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction program at the University of Vermont offers specializations in educational technology, multicultural/global, reading and language arts, library media, and mathematics. UV also offers a master degree program in interdisciplinary studies as well as a master degree program in educational leadership for students interested in leadership or managerial positions in schools.

Teachers that are interested in advancing their education can choose from M.A.T. programs in areas of special education, middle school education and secondary education. UV offers year-long internships to help students obtain as much hands-on training as possible. Johnson State College has a Master of Arts in Education program with concentrations in applied behavior analysis; curriculum & instruction; special education and foundations of education.

Castleton State College offers master degree programs in curriculum & instruction; special education; and music education. CSC also has a Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in mathematics. Students may be required to complete a thesis or take additional courses to earn the degrees. Study abroad and internship opportunities are offered to some CSC students.