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Teaching Degrees in Virginia

  • 101 teaching programs in Virginia accredited by CAEP
  • 22 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 46 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Virginia

If you're interested in becoming a licensed teacher and teaching in one of the many schools in Virginia, you'll need to complete a bachelor's degree teaching program, at the very least, or a teaching preparation program.

Below is an overview of what Virginia has to offer for educational programs at some of the top colleges in the state.

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Virginia Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees in Virginia

Old Dominion University has a wide selection of online teaching programs. Students can choose from certificate programs in autism spectrum disorders or online teaching for K-12 teachers; bachelor degrees in elementary education disciplinary studies, special education, or occupational studies; or master degrees in educational leadership, instructional design & technology, career & technical education teaching, or special education.

George Mason University offers several options in online learning. While they don’t offer online bachelor degree programs, they do offer master degrees in educational leadership, curriculum & instruction, educational leadership-mathematics specialist, and special education with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis.

The curriculum & instruction program offers seven areas of concentration. GMU also offers online graduate certificates in literacy, autism spectrum disorders, gifted child education, integration of online learning into schools, and teaching English as a second language. The curriculum & instruction online program at the University of Virginia has concentrations in reading or instructional technology.

VA Teacher Certification & Specializations

Averett University offers certification programs in the following areas: PK-12 education; elementary PK-6; secondary education 6-12; health and physical education PK-12; mathematics 6-12; biology 6-12; visual arts 6-12; and English 6-12, among others.

Endorsement programs in post-baccalaureate elementary education; school librarianship; and post-baccalaureate special education are offered at Old Dominion University. ODV also has a special education licensure program offered through distance learning. UV offers an add-on endorsement of early childhood education for three and four-year olds; this option is available to students in the elementary education undergraduate program.

Virginia Teacher Certification & Specializations

UIS offers an educational leadership administrative certification program. Individuals who hold non-teaching bachelor degrees can obtain their teaching license with the non-degree certification program offered at Chicago State University. Concordia University offers certification programs in ESL, ESL and bilingual, special education, reading, technology specialist, secondary education and school counseling. These are Master of Arts programs that provide the student with certification in that specific area upon successful completion of all program requirements.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Virginia

Bachelor degree programs in elementary education, English education, foreign & Latin language, social studies education, health & physical education, and special education are a few of the many offerings at the University of Virginia main campus. Students in these programs can also earn endorsements in early childhood, English as a second language, mathematics – Algebra I, and gifted education. UV also offers undergraduate programs in kinesiology and speech pathology/audiology.

Averett University has a 5-year dual-degree program that allows the student to earn a bachelor degree in education and a Master of Education degree. This program prepares students for licensure in elementary education PK-6; special education general curriculum PK-12; and a dual license in special education PK-12 and general curriculum PK-6.

Master’s in Education Degrees in VA

George Mason University offers master degree programs in teaching, educational leadership, elementary education PK-6, English as a second language, mathematics education leadership, and special education. The Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning program at GMU offers more than 15 areas of concentration. They also offer an 18-credit graduate certificate in college teaching. Old Dominion University also offers a variety of master degree teaching programs.

GMU also has graduate certificates in educational leadership, early childhood education, college teaching, gifted child education, secondary education 6-12, and literacy and reading. This certificate programs are for licensed teachers interested in obtaining additional certifications.

The University of Virginia offers a Master of Teaching program that offers twelve different tracks; a Master of Education program with 18 tracks; and a dual-degree program that allows students to earn a Bachelor of Science and Master of Teaching degree in five years.