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Teaching Degrees in Wyoming

  • 14 teaching programs in Wyoming accredited by CAEP
  • 7 CAEP-accredited Bachelor's degrees
  • 2 CAEP-accredited Master's degrees in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming does not have many teaching schools throughout the state. In fact, most of the colleges in Wyoming are community or technical colleges that only offer certificate and associate degree programs.

However, they do have the University of Wyoming in Laramie, and this university offers several excellent teaching programs. Below is an overview of some of the programs that can be found at the University of Wyoming. There are also a number of online teaching degree options that accept applicants from Wyoming.

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Wyoming Teaching Degree Programs

Online Teaching Degrees and Options

The University of Wyoming offers a few options in online education. The Master of Arts in Education program offers concentrations in curriculum and instruction; instructional technology; and special education. UW also offers an online master degree in educational administration with concentrations in either adult and post-secondary or K-12 educational leadership. The courses in these programs also prepare students for doctoral degrees.

WY Teacher Certification & Specializations

The University of Wyoming offers endorsements in literacy education, early childhood, English as a second language through its online master degree programs. Certification/endorsement programs are also offered for early childhood birth to five; early childhood birth to eight; early childhood program director; early childhood special education; educational leadership K-12: principal; and educational leadership K-12: school district superintendent.

Like several of the other community colleges in Wyoming, Casper College offers associate degree programs in elementary education and early childhood education. These 2-year programs generally complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program and can help the student take care of general education courses so when they start a bachelor degree program, they can get right to their areas of concentration.

Bachelor’s in Education Degrees in Wyoming

The University of Wyoming has a teacher preparation program that meets that standards of the Wyoming Department of Education and prepares students for initial licensure in their major or area of concentration. The university offers a few different undergraduate programs including Bachelor of Science programs in agriculture education and technical education and Bachelor of Arts degrees in elementary education and secondary education.

By choosing specific areas of concentration and majors, graduates are prepared to teach grades K-12, depending on the program they’ve chosen. In addition to completing courses, students must also complete internships and a student teaching program. WU also offers bachelor degree programs in specific subjects like art, art science, chemistry, mathematics and social studies.

Master’s in Education Degrees in Wyoming

UW also offers a nice selection of master degree programs for students that want to advance their education or just wish to obtain additional certifications. The Master of Arts in Education program offers students the choice of these four majors: educational administration – adult and post-secondary education; curriculum & instruction; educational administration – educational leadership; and special education.

The Master of Science program offers majors in school counseling; community mental health counseling; and instructional technology. Each of these majors offers students the option of earning additional certification. For instance, students in the curriculum and instruction major can earn certifications in early childhood education; English as a second language; literacy; and Teachers of American Indian children. UW also offers doctoral programs for students who want to take their education to the highest level and pursue careers teachers at academies and colleges or wish to work in research.